Consoling Protesting Punjab Farmers, Centre Announces Second Round of Talks 

While farmers in Punjab strengthen their protest against the farm laws, Centre calls them for a second round of talks on December 3.

Representative Image Farmers protest against farms bill in Haryana | Image - Twitter

The Centre has gone ahead and invited several unions of farmers from the state of Punjab for the second round of ministerial talks on December 3. This round of talks was arranged to make sure that the new agricultural laws are discussed and all kinds of differences over them are resolved. This meeting was organised after farmer leaders went ahead and laid down the condition for another central ministerial meeting which calling out for the blockade of train tracks in the state. The agitation of the farmers has been going on against the farm laws in Punjab for over one month now.The farmers of Punjab have been demanding that the farm laws be repealed and a new set of laws be created while keeping into consideration the demands of the farmers and other stakeholders. The farmers in Punjab have been demanding the guarantee on MSP and claimed that the new laws may lead to the ending of the Minimum Support Price(MSP) etc.The primary issue that the farmers are laying an emphasis on are the insurance of the MSP and the strengthening of the National Food Security Act(NFSA). The Prime Minister has stated this and even the Union Agriculture Minister has said that the MSP system would continue. The government hopes that the farmers’ union’s problems should be resolved by December 3.


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