Delhi Police Gets Final Thumbs-Up for Naming Activist Umar Khalid in February Riots Supplementary Charge-sheet

The Delhi police confirms receiving prosecution sanction from both the union home ministry and the Delhi government and can now go ahead with naming Umar Khalid in February riots supplementary charge-sheet.

Umar Khalid | File Photo

The Delhi Police has received the sanction from the Delhi government to prosecute former JNU student and activist Umar Khalid in association with the violent riots that had broken out in Delhi in the month of February earlier this year. The Police has finally received a go ahead from the Kejriwal led government to prosecute the activist for his alleged involvement in planning and instigating the above mentioned riots and communal frenzy in the Capital. The statement issued by the Delhi government said that it had given prosecution sanction in all the cases related to the Delhi riots registered by the Delhi police and said that it was now up to the courts to find out who is to be charged guilty.

 The sanction has been received against several individuals including Umar Khalid for having participated in the Delhi riots conspiracy case. Umar Khalid was booked under the stringer anti-terror Unlawful Activities(Prevention) Act(UAPA). 

The senior police officer has highlighted that the Delhi police received the prosecution sanction from both the government of Delhi as well as the Home Ministry against student leader and activist Umar Khalid for his alleged involvement in the Delhi riots conspiracy case. 

The police also said that the sanction implied that now it could name Umar Khalid in its supplementary charge sheet. 

Police officials noted, “To prosecute one under section 13 of the UAPA, we need sanction from the Ministry of Home Affairs, which we have already received. For prosecution under section-16,17 and 18 of the UAPA, we have received sanction from the Delhi government.

It has to be recalled that Umar Khalid had been arrested on September 13 under the UAPA for having allegedly participated in the instigation of communal riots in Delhi in the month of February,2020.



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