Joe Biden or Donald Trump: Who is the White House Waiting For?

Democratic leader Joe Biden seems to be having a clear lead as counting continues in America, while Donald Trump alleges rigging and unfair electoral proceedings.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump AP/Julio Cortez

The world is still keenly awaiting the results of the American elections, as tensions build up and people keep fingers crossed. But as far as the present patterns indicate, it is almost clearly evident that Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is soon going to become the President of America defeating Republican candidate Donald Trump in a landslide victory. What has added to the celebrations amid the Democrats is that Joe Biden has also won the battleground state of Georgia for the very first time and the White House doesn’t look very far from him, given his unprecedented success even in the most difficult states.

Joe Biden has 243 in the electoral college vote while Donald Trump has 214. The winner needs 279 to secure presidency and it is quite evident that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is almost there.

Joe Biden would become the next president of America by winning Pennsylvania or by winning two out of Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. 

The path looks rocky for Donald Trump whose control seems to be diminishing with the counting in every state. Joe Biden is ahead by 917 votes in Georgia where counting continued into Friday. Looking at the tremendous victory of Joe Biden even in the difficult states, Donald Trump began to falsely claim that the elections were unfair and that votes were being stolen from him by the Democrats.

Trump has been witnessing his grip slip over Georgia, where no Democratic candidate has the history of winning since 1992 and now Joe Biden has made his presence felt there. Officials are presently working hard towards the counting of votes in many of the regions for which counting is underway. Many of these are already Democratic strongholds so there is a great possibility of Joe Biden attaining success.

The Georgia secretary of state had said that counting for over 15,000 ballots was still underway. The state will also now need to go through the votes from military personnel and residents who live overseas cast on Election Day by the voters who had difficulties in registration or identification. What is clear this time around is that Joe Biden has been winning in much of what has been seen traditionally as the Republican stronghold and this victory has been celebrated by the supporters of the Democrats. 

Joe Biden maintained a slim margin ahead of Donald Trump in states like Arizona and Nevada. In a subtotal of updates, it becomes evident that the people of America are looking at the developments with expecting eyes and the country waits to see who will become the next president of America.

It is likely that the results would only come out after a delay of some more hours before it becomes crystal clear as to who will become America’s next president.

All this has not gone down too well with Donald Trump who complained that the elections were being stolen from him and that the electoral process had been unfair. 

Although he didn’t offer any evidence for his allegations. Donald Trump reiterated that the opponents had tried to rig the elections and that his party wouldn’t allow this to happen. On the other hand, Joe Biden went ahead and said that voters ought to keep their patience and said that nobody could be allowed to destroy the American democracy. Meanwhile. Trump’s campaign pursued many lawsuits in many states although judges in the state of Georgia and Michigan quickly rejected such claims and opposed the challenges. The Democrats said that Trump and the Republicans were spreading misinformation and that citizens should calmly wait for the results to come out. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the American elections have deepened the political divides in America and as people await the announcement of results, the last couple of hours of counting are critical. It will only be a couple of hours more before America has its next president. 

The new president will be left with an America where millions of people have lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment and loss of livelihoods stares deeply into its eyes, on the other hand is the exposed cleavage of a social order divided on racism and police brutality, especially in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter movement that shook up the country. Who will the American President be and what kind of America will he build, these questions remain to be answered.



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