Nitish Kumar Shocks Voters as He Calls it His Last Election During Purnea Rally

JD(U)leader and NDA’s chief ministerial candidate Nitish Kumar tells crowds in Purnea district that this would be his last election and asks voters if they still wouldn’t vote him to power.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar during election campaigning

The state of Bihar is experiencing its assembly elections spread across three phases and as the election fever engulfs the people of the state, present chief minister Nitish Kumar made a proverbial last throw of the dice and shared his feelings while speaking to a crowd at Bihar’s Purnea district. According to a recent report in the ANI,  the JD(U)leader and NDA chief ministerial candidate Nitish Kumar said that this would be his last election. He said, “All is well that ends well. This is my last election.Will you not vote for me now?,”at a rally in Bihar’s Purnea district.  

This is going to be his third term as the chief minister if he comes back to power in the state. The JD(U) and the BJP are contesting the elections together and their Opposition consists of the Grand Alliance comprising parties such as the RJD, Congress and Left parties. Bihar will go to poll in the third phase on November 7 and elections will be conducted across 78 constituencies. The first phase was completed on October 28 and witnessed a voter turnout of 55% across 71 seats and the second phase saw elections in 94 seats and a total voter turnout of 53%. 

The results of all the total 243 seats will be declared on November 10 in Bihar. 5 November was officially the last day for campaigning ahead of the third phase of the elections and during his rallies, Nitish Kumar addressed people in different parts of the state. He also made sure to address Muslim dominated regions of the Seemanchal zone which boasts of a majority of the Muslim population of the state and is scheduled to go to polls on Saturday.

Appealing to the Muslim community, he said that his party was trying to uplift the community and had even gone ahead and hiked the salaries of the Madrasa teachers and commenting on the CAA and the series of protests that were organised in the region against it, he said that nobody would be asked to leave the country at any cost. He also went ahead and criticised Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath in this context and said that the minorities of Bihar need not live in fear over the CAA. Although he did not take any names, it became evident during his speech that he was taking a jibe at the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh while seeking to appease the muslim voter of the Seemanchal region.



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