Centre Needs Time for Internal Discussion, Negotiations to Go On

Centre-farmer meetings have remained inconclusive so far as the later continues to remain adamant in its demand for the total repealing of the recently passed farms laws.

The farmers' resistance against the farm laws formed one of the critical highlights of 2020..|Image credit : @AllAboutSikhism/ Twitter

We know that farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have been holding up a relentless protest since over a week against the recently passed farm laws. The farmers and the Centre have held various rounds of talks to arrive at a consensus but nothing has concretised so far. Another meeting was scheduled today between the representatives of the farmers and the ministers from the Centre on the key issues being raised by the farmers, central to which is a total repealing of the three farm laws. The farmers have been part of several talks with the Centre but nothing has worked out so far, the farmers have threatened that if the government doesn’t take back the farm laws, they will strengthen their protest and agitate more strongly to make their demands heard by the government. After looking at the relentless protest of the farmers, the Union minister for Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar said that a new proposal will be placed before the farmers and discussions will be carried out with the Centre. Today another fresh set of talks was held between the ministers representing the Centre and the farmers’ representatives. Today’s talks began taking shape just hours after Union Home Minister Amit Shah along with several senior cabinet ministers met with PM Narendra Modi during a high-level meeting. The Centre has gone ahead and amended the sections of the laws which have been triggering the agitation of the farmers, the biggest agitation to have been occurring in several years with thousands of farmers camping in Delhi.


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