Cops Deployed in Large Numbers As Farmers Intensify Protest Against Farm Legislations 

Thousands of cops have been deployed across Delhi borders as farmers intensify their protests.

President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Balbir S Rajewal
President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Balbir S Rajewal /Twitter

Thousands of farmers have been camping at the entry points of the Capital city of Delhi since the last two weeks and have been staging a protest against the contentious farm laws that they farmers allege will make them vulnerable to corporate monopoly and disempower them in the market space. A series of talks have also been organised between the Centre and the farmers bodies but they have so far failed to calm down the protesting farmers who are demanding that the contentious farm legislations be completely withdrawn and taken back and the MSP system be reinforced to empower the farmer in the marketplace. 

We have been seeing how the hundreds of farmers coming in from neighbouring states like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have braved the cold and even after experiencing a series of failed talks, they have remained firm in their resolve against the farm legislations.

 Today, the farmers have expressed their intentions for blocking the Delhi-Jaipur highly and picketing toll plazas. 


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