Rejecting Centre’s Amendment Proposal,  Farmers Reiterate Demand for Complete Roll Back of “Black Laws”

As farmers reject the amendment proposal of the Centre, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar underlines that the government has no ego and is willing to speak to the protesting farmers. 

Farmers protesting against the recently passed farm laws.
Farmers protesting against the recently passed farm laws. Photo: Twitter

The Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar noted in the context of the ongoing farmers’ protests that the Centre was completely open to talking with the farmers and listen to their concerns regarding the recently passed agricultural bills which the farmers are holding up a strong agitation against. 

He also reiterated that the government was free to discuss on the issue and had no ego of its own. Later the secretary of the All India Kissan Sabha Hannan Mollah said that it was an insult to say that the farmers who have been protesting against the contentious agricultural laws have been incited by Pakistan and China in a similar way to when Muslims of the country were allegedly incited to speak up against the CAA by Pakistan or the Arab world. 

We have been seeing that the protest by the farmers has been intensified in the last two weeks as several rounds of talks have failed between the leaders of the agitating farmers and the ministers representing the Centre. 

The government has called the farmers “misguided” and alleged that these protesting farmers have ‘Khalistani and Maoist links’ without having any concrete proof to substantiate their claims. 

The farmers too have been reluctant to listen to the government’s attempts to calm them down or convince them that the farm laws will actually do them good and have remained determined in their resolve against the agricultural laws. 

The farmers’ unions have gone ahead and also rejected the recent proposal by the Centre that had details of the amendments that the government is willing to make to the existing laws. 

But the adamant farmers have said that they would continue their struggle and not bow down to any attempt of stifling the protest. 

They have also called a nationwide bandh on December 14. 

The Delhi borders adjoining the states of Haryana and Punjab have been seeing a large number of farmers gathering to protest against the farm laws and camping there for the last two weeks and these farmers are also adamant to not return back unless the government completely rolls the three laws back. 

The farmers have been strengthening the movement despite a series of failed talks and negotiations with the Centre and sustained media hostility. Although several rounds of talks had been organised by the Centre bringing up amendments to the existing laws to clam down the farmers, the farmers have remained strong in their resolve and have been saying that they only want a complete roll back of the “black laws”.


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