The New Leam Turns Four

On 4th December 2016, The New Leam  news portal was launched. It has been four years since we began publishing articles/reports/stories on an everyday basis for our readers spread out far and wide across the globe. Over the years we have found a large number of brilliant writers and interested and enthusiastic readers – who believe in the possibilities and the need of an alternative journalism in the present times. The crisis in Indian mainstream media, it’s fanatic obsession with triviality and the fact that a major section of mainstream media is sold out to either the regime or the to the corporates makes us realize the heightened significance of the work that we are doing. Of course it is not easy to survive in this hyper-competitive milieu and pursuing independent journalism is like standing on a fragile branch which is jolted and shaken by the mighty winds that blow around.

The New Leam has received enormous support from its readers and well-wishers. We have been fortunate enough to have a dedicated readership which follows our work and appreciates the qualitative difference that we are trying to introduce and the space for alternative journalism that we have carved for ourselves in these years. Perhaps that is why we receive a large number of emails and calls from different corners of the country – from a remote village in coastal Odisha to a mega city like Mumbai- from people who recognise and treasure our journalism.

Our editorial independence is everything to us and we will continue to retain its autonomy and freedom, because that alone can protect the flame of our quality journalism even amid the mighty breeze of partisanship. We will continue and strive each day to give a voice to the voiceless with our journalism and empower the disempowered. From in-depth political analysis, grassroot stories to critical features on gender, education, culture and environment – we will keep doing our best. It is hard to survive without any concrete financial support but the spirit and support of our readers keeps fuelling this organization.

This year, we have decided to focus more on the most complex part of the the nation-  the rural, the less represented and the unheard corners of India. We wish to devote a major part of our focus on the ‘invisible India’ – where more than 830 million people belong. 

Their stories and struggles, multiplicity of cultures and extraordinary heterogeneity needs to be told, and we will strive towards it . This ‘invisible’ India never finds an appropriate space in mainstream media. Is it possible to empower its voice? Yes, we want to tell you the stories of everyday life in this lesser-explored, misunderstood and misrepresented India, where lies the heartbeat and the soul-force of the nation.

As you know we are a completely public spirited body – we choose  to retain this quality because we can’t compromise with our editorial independence and autonomy. 

It is hard to survive before a gigantic capitalistic structure, but we are sure that the truth in our work and the constant support of our readers will always keep the flame of possibility and hope alive.

We welcome your suggestions, ideas and feedback.

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