Wage Labourer Builds Library, Displays Miraculous Determination to Rebuild it After it is Set on Fire

Syed Issaq's library containing thousands of books on different religions of the world was recently burnt down by a mob of miscreants, but he is determined to rebuild this site of hope despite the odds.

Syed Issaq standing in his library which contained thousands of books across religions.
Syed Issaq standing in his library which contained thousands of books across religions. Photo credit: EPS

A wage labourer built a library with over 11,000 books on all religions in Mysuru and it was recently burnt down by a group of anti-Kannada people, but his determination is unstoppable and unfathomable. 

Miracles don’t necessary only happen in fairytales, they also happen in real life, with real people of flesh and blood. 

What else could you name the determination and willingness of a 62-year old wage labourer from Mysuru who devoted his life and energy to the building of a library even as life threw unprecedented challenges at him and exposed him to the greatest of hardships ranging from poverty and marginalisation to exploitation and endless misery. 

He may not have gone to school himself but he wanted to make sure that his community and his people get the light of education and make the best of it, each of the books that he devoted himself to collecting only symbolised his endless zeal and willpower. 

If this is not enough of a miracle, let me tell you that Syed Issaq’s Mysuru library was recently burnt down by a group of people who detested such an endeavour and thought it to be a hazard to society. 

The burning down of Syed’s library meant a loss of 11,000 books most of which were in Kannada. 

The library was started in 2011 and contained books and papers on all religions of the world, these books were burnt down and destroyed in a matter of minutes but it demanded an eternity of determination and willingness to build on Syed’s part. 

Syed’s heart is broken by the brutality of those who took enmity to his library and decided to burn it down but what is all the more miraculous is the fact that Syed isn’t left hopeless, he is determined to build back his library with greater zeal and passion. 

He only knows that his community and neighbourhood is extremely poor and a library alone can do wonders to bring in the light of knowledge and exposure to them and therefore his determination to rebuild the library is unstoppable. And what is more, a positive vibration has almost spread like wildfire and attracted many people to his story and a reasonable fund has been generated for him to be able to restart the library despite the odds. Syed story is a miracle in flesh and blood, igniting the flame of hope in these terribly gloomy times. 


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