Your sustained goodwill and contributions have ensured that even as the lockdown goes on and educational institutions remain closed, the learning activities of our students go on undisrupted. Our team of dedicated and committed young people have been working day and night to prepare easy and effective learning materials, practice kits, worksheets and revision exercises so that they can be distributed on a weekly basis to the students so as to ensure that even while they don’t attend the library sessions, their learning pursuits are not hampered. 
Apart from this, constant engagement over the phone with both children and their guardians allows us to ensure that each child is healthy, safe and studying amid the pandemic. The pandemic’s aggressive character has hampered parental access to even minimum wages with several households either losing their source of livelihood or experiencing a heavy compromise in their monthly earnings, in situations like these, it is the education of children that is likely to become the last priority. 
To make sure that children from the lowest of economic strata too have an undisrupted, equal access to education amid the lockdown we have also taken efforts to help families in the form of food/dry ration aid in addition to ensuring that children in such households are discouraged from premature entry into the workforce or into forced marriage alliances. The efforts are gradually showing colours and we have many guardians who now revert back only to share their happiness when they see their child excel in his/her studies or show unflagging determination to continue their studies despite the odds. 
We know that with the pandemic’s deep impact on societies, we will need to continually do much more to ensure that our children are studying, healthy and full of dreams for a better tomorrow. None of this could have been possible without all of you and so we thank you for being a part of Shiksha Swaraj Library and Resource Center. We also take this opportunity to request you to make generous contributions towards this effort so that together we can nurture and nourish the dreams of our young friends at Shiksha Swaraj!
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