The New Leam celebrates its fifth year…Carrying the Lamp of Truth

At a time when gigantic corporate  media houses shape our ways of seeing the world, it is not easy to remain committed to a forum that dares to be different, renews the debate on education, culture, ecology and politics in a meaningful and life-affirming way, and carries a small lamp of truth. Yet, The New Leam continues its journey. It has not forgotten the wisdom that ‘small is beautiful’. The New Leam has never sought to transform its mission into a business; it continues, and activates the critical faculty, aesthetic sensibility and creative imagination of its readers and writers. What sustains it is the commitment of its core team—the willingness to work in silence, and invite sensitive and creative minds. Possibly, its openness and dialogic character have succeeded in building a rhythmic bridge between the specialized academic world and social activists, young teachers and researchers.

When things around us are becoming increasingly toxic, and sensationalism is the order of the day, The New Leam comes forward with deep, communicative and meaningful reflections on educational philosophy, pedagogic practices, cultural politics and social ecology. This seems to be the reason why The New Leam has emerged as a rainbow platform; while young researchers write with great enthusiasm, renowned professors write illuminating opinion pieces. Where do you find a reflection on the works of great educationist/feminist Bell Hooks,  a rigorous article on Jiddu Krishnamurti, a debate on Satyajit Ray’s films, a perspective on the farmers’ movement, or a piece on the danger of the emergent cult of narcissism in Indian politics?

The New Leam can continue to excel only when as well wishers, readers and authors, you support us, and spread the flame of this light amongst your friends and colleagues.

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