Monday, August 3, 2020
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    Visibly ‘Invisible’: The Plight of India’s Vulnerable Hijra Community Amid the Lockdown

    Societal stigma, state-neglect , lack of funds and inability to access food and healthcare have pushed the Hijra community in India into further marginalisation and poverty.

    The Real Key to Destroying Caste is Rejection of the Shastras: B.R. Ambedkar’s Appeal in the ‘Annihilation of Caste’

    As we celebrate the birth anniversary of a legendary social reformer and activist B.R. Ambedkar, we would urge you to read a remarkable excerpt from his celebrated essay 'Annihilation of Caste.'

    India and coronavirus: lack of access to handwashing facilities among poor makes fight even harder

    International Institute for Population Sciences in 2015-16, from where the data for this study was drawn. It found that 39.8% of Indian households had no soap or no water, a situation often explained by the absence of soap during the survey.

    Supreme Court Refuses to Put Stay on CAA

    While making it clear that it will not grant any stay on the CAA without hearing the Centre, SC restrained all high courts from hearing pleas on CAA till it decides the petitions. 

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: why half in, half out just isn’t an option for royals

    Harry and Meghan are not alone in finding that frustrating, Prince Laurent of Belgium is another who is visibly unhappy in the role.

    Delhi’s air pollution paves the exit route for urban families

    Delhi’s Air Quality Index had hit a three-year-low this year, post-Diwali, creating a severely polluted atmosphere which led to respiratory problems in many, forcing people to wear mask outdoors and install air purifiers at home.

    Zero Budget Natural Farming is not a One-size Fits all Solution

    Zero Budget Natural Farming claims to have an almost negligible investment in farming by adopting chemical-free agriculture, drawn from traditional methods of farming.

    Refugees in India have to fend for themselves – we’ve been talking to them about how they manage

    Lawyers representing the Rohingyas have reiterated the constitutional right (of citizens and non-citizens alike) to equality, life and personal liberty in India. Meanwhile, the government has claimed such refugees may pose a security threat to the state.


    Hany Babu, Safoora Zagar and Our Times

    Is it possible to overcome all sorts of sectarianism, come together as dialogic teachers, and remind the state of the need for a dialogue with the creative dissenters?

    Understanding the NEP 2020 in the Context of School Education Policy in India

    This article takes an introductory look at the NPE 2020 in the wider context of school education policy-making in India.

    Politico-Cultural Racism in America is Consuming its Social Fabric and Decaying its Progressive Ethos

    The rage, desperation, and determination which continue to bring tens of thousands of Americans to the streets in protest against racism and injustice hopefully...

    If a University Could Speak

    The UGC insists on conducting final year examinations amid the pandemic, what is the teaching-learning community thinking on this issue?

    The Irresistible Virus and the Road to Sanity

    As the coronavirus has severely wounded our mental landscape, the question arises whether it is still possible to retain our sanity and live gracefully.