Saturday, September 25, 2021
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An engaged society is key for the future of African conservation, says WWF Africa’s Alice Ruhweza

Protecting Africa’s charismatic megafauna often come first to mind when Westerners think about conservation in Africa, but this is a narrow view that doesn’t capture the range of issues involved in conservation efforts across the continent.

Plans to Prevent Future Pandemics Must Consider Gender Issues, too

The article highlights how any planning for a pandemic-free world needs to take the gender question so seriously.

TRIBUTE/ Remembering Paul Robeson: A Singer-Activist Who Saw Peace as Our Most Sacred Responsibility

“We must join the tens of millions all over the world who see in peace our most sacred responsibility.” - Paul Robeson  Today is indeed a...

Sexism pushed Rosalind Franklin toward the scientific sidelines during her short life, but her work still shines on her 100th birthday

What do coal, viruses and DNA have in common? The structures of each – the predominant power source of the early 20th century, one...

The women of Kendeng set their feet in cement to stop a mine in their lands. This is their story.

Across Indonesia, hundreds of communities are in conflict with companies seeking control of their resources. In some cases, the resistance has been led by women. Journalist Febriana Firdaus travelled across the country to meet grassroots female activists and delve into the story behind their struggles.

Beekeeping empowers women, brings in honey and lush kitchen gardens

From Maharashtra to Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh a network of more than nine hundred women are working as beekeepers, to improve rural incomes and create sustainability.

Top News Briefing/ Six Year Old Girl Raped in Hathras, Dies in Delhi Hospital and Other Updates

Today in Focus: Six Year Old Girl Raped in Hathras, Dies in Delhi Hospital While the country is experiencing massive discontent and anger with the...

Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis: What lies ahead could include a constitutional crisis over succession

Since Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for COVID-19 treatment on Oct. 2, there have been conflicting messages about...

South African singer Nakhane redefines ideas of masculinity

The clichéd adage “boys will be boys” has, over the ages, normalised unbecoming behaviours. It has also socialised young men into thinking that being...

It Takes an Individual to Commit Suicide, It Takes a Community to Prevent it

Suicide as a phenomenon calls for society to come together in order to address and prevent individuals from taking the drastic step while creating an ecosystem of acceptance and wellbeing.

Predators, prey and moonlight singing: how phases of the Moon affect native wildlife

Humans have long been inspired and transfixed by the Moon, and as we’re discovering, moonlight can also change the behaviour of Australian wildlife. A collection...

India Needs 2.07 Million Doctors by 2030

With a massive mandate and access to funds, will the government make healthcare a priority?