Monday, October 25, 2021
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Sundaresha D.S.

  Sundaresha D. S. is working as an Editorial Assistant for The New Leam. 

A Broken Home Leads to an Unhappy Childhood

Parental violence and conflict traumatise the child, making it impossible for her to lead a childhood in normalcy. While arriving at a solution may not be impossible it is important that the parents come together to rebuild a home of love and respect. Sundaresh. D.S.

The Politics of the Bru Tribe in Northeast’s Sole Non-BJP State

NORTH EAST The Bru are an indigenous tribe of the Northeast who are living in refugee camps in Tripura after being displaced due to ethnic conflict in Mizoram in 1997. The Home Ministry’s decision to transport them back to Mizoram can be a difficult yet dynamic challenge for the ruling government to reinstate its power over the state of Mizoram.   Sundaresha D. S.

Middle- East as a Contested Terrain and the Emergent Humanitarian Crisis

WORLD Yemen has been at the centre stage of conflict for over three years and the devastating condition of its people demands the immediate interest of the global community for restoring peace and democratic values in the contested terrain.

Teaching History and Looking Beyond the Rhetoric

EDUCATION The significance of the discipline of history transcends time and space and when communicated adequately, it can leave a great impact on the mind of the learner. Here is an analytical piece on the critical importance of history and how it can be made meaningful. Sundaresh D.S

Thousands of Farmers Protest in Delhi but is the State Paying Attention?

While the rally raised critical issues regarding the plight of Indian farmers and asserted important claims for the community’ welfare, its stringent political affiliations did not let farmers from across political ideologies take part.

Sundaresha D.S.

  Sundaresha D. S. is working as an Editorial Assistant for The New Leam. 


Beyond Instrumental Reasoning: Education As Awakened Intelligence

Amid our obsession with technical/instrumental education, is it necessary to think differently and reimagine the very meaning of education?


Here is an exhaustive and engaging book review of 'The Science of Peace' authored by Suman Khanna Aggarwal.

LONG READ/The COVID-19 Vaccine: The Need for a Democratic and Holistic Debate

The pandemic has brought vaccines to the centre stage, but how democratic is the debate regarding it?

Revisiting Digital Pedagogy and the Culture of Learning in the Age of Information Technology

The article delves deep into the need for rethinking digitalised teaching-learning in the age of information technology especially at a time when we are moving towards an extensive use of virtual classroom spaces.

A Quest beyond Vaccination 

While medical experts and pharmaceutical companies urge you to get yourself vaccinated, you ought to ask yet another question: What do you do after being vaccinated? What does it mean to be ‘safe’? Or is it that we ought to see beyond the process of vaccination to redefine life in the post-pandemic world?