Saturday, November 28, 2020

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    Unprecedented Fishing Ban Impacts Marginal Fishermen in Bangladesh

    Holding placards and posters, ordinary fishermen protested the 65-Day ban on fishing that will drastically impact their livelihoods.

    Madhya Pradesh Promises New Law on Cow Vigilantism

    Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh may soon become the first state to have law against cow vigilantism in place.

    Sabarimala: A Failed Political Agenda for BJP in Kerala

    The Sabarimala temple issue was among the most politicized this season, but surprisingly it did not translate into votes for the BJP.

    Is the 100-Day Education Agenda Under NDA II-a Push Towards Privatisation?

    The 100 days educational plan drafted by HRD and approved by PM will be implemented very soon.

    Narendra Modi Invites BIMSTEC Leaders for Swearing-in Ceremony leaves out Pakistan

    Narendra Modi Invites BIMSTEC Leaders for Swearing- in Ceremony leaves out Pakistan.

    The New Leam Staff

    564 POSTS


    CONVERSATION | “Great literature is one of the most helpful resources to discover the spectrum of desire, love and friendship,” says Ruth Vanita 

    In a conversation with The New Leam, Dr. Ruth Vanita reflects on issues like sexuality, identity and body politics. And her engagement with issues in feminism throws new light on critical issues of gender that define our times. 

    The Pandemic , Unequal Opportunities and the Challenges Posed by the Online Mode of Learning

    In a society embedded in socio-economic hierarchies, access to online education is limited to the privileged and leaves behind a large section of those coming from marginalised backgrounds.

    From Linux to Windows and Back

    What does it mean to use Linux and how is the user experience better than in Windows, here is a personal narrative of a user who sides with the former and tells us exactly why.

    Bihar Hasn’t Defeated the COVID-19 Pandemic, It Has Hidden it for the Sake of Electoral Politics

    Low testing, poor medical surveillance and lack of political will are behind significantly low reportage of COVID-19 cases in Bihar, but are by no means indicative of the end of the pandemic in the state.

    Are We Destined to Live with Violence?

    Is it ever possible to combat violence, and find ourselves in a world that generates love, calmness and peace?