Thursday, March 4, 2021

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    Is the Srinagar-Jammu NH Ban on Civilian Traffic an Attempt to Communalize the Yatra?

    Protests in Srinagar have grown over time as the Centre has imposed a ban on civilian traffic on the Jammu and Kashmir National Highway in order to allow easy passage of Amarnath pilgrims.

    Video| Solar Eclipse in South America

    On July 4th, 2019, South America experienced a total solar eclipse. In many parts of the continent such as in Argentina and Chile, the solar eclipse had 100% visibility. The total eclipse lasted for up to four minutes as reported by NASA.  This astronomical moment was captured by thousands of people around the continent.

    Death of Children Exposes Faulty Medical Infrastructure in Bihar

    The worrisome state of health infrastructure in Bihar came to light once again after the outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome that killed over 153 children in Muzaffarpur recently.

    Allahabad University Students’ Union Disbanded, Direct Elections Cancelled

    The disbanding of the Allahabad University Students’ Union is an attack on one of the oldest students’ unions in the nation.

    President Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong-un Marking Beginning of Negotiations

    President Donald Trump met Kim Jong-un and stepped over the Military Demarcation Line in the “Peace Village” of Panmunjom marking the beginning of negotiations between the two nations.

    The New Leam Staff

    574 POSTS


    What was Behind Gandhi’s Success with the Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and the Failure of the Non-Cooperation Movement in the 1920s?

    Gandhi’s leadership and his ability to bring together people from diverse backgrounds is reflected across the movements he initiated, why then were some successful and others not equally so?

    Bargained Livelihoods During the Pandemic:Understanding the Condition of Women Tribal Vendors in Odisha’s Koraput

    The plight of  tribal women vendors has deteriorated due to the pandemic and the lockdown which has impacted their livelihoods and access to entitlements.

    Donald Trump’s Supporters and Our Farmer

    At a time when Donald Trump’s supporters are attacking the foundations of democracy, our farmers are arousing hope, and teaching us the art of nonviolent resistance to remind the rulers of the discontents of potential authoritarianism.

    JNU: A Wounded Space

    On this fateful day last year, JNU witnessed an organized attack on students and teachers inside the campus premises. Even after a year, the question remains : can the spirit of the university be restored?

    2021: Can We Say ‘No’ to the Cult of Narcissism? 

    From the traumatic pain of psychic bewilderment to the light of resistance—we passed through diverse experiences in 2020. As we welcome 2021, is it possible to nurture the spirit of love and justice?