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    Vikash Sharma

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    Vikash Sharma is Founding Editor, The New Leam.


    PRINT EDITION/ FEBRUARY 2018/EDITORIAL The last issue of The New Leam has received an enormous response from our readers. Your regular feedback and critical observations...

    Walking Down Memory Lane


    Our Uniqueness is Our Choice


    A Ripe Moment for Contemplative Engagement

    The month of September is here and we are fast approaching the end of the year – a year that had many stories to...

    Is learning possible without curiosity?

    Nowadays learning is all about memorizing and certification. It has no organic significance in our lives. We have lost wonder and curiosity; and forgotten that the whole existence can unfold itself to the spirit of curiosity alone. In this article the writer engages with the ideas of the first three Milesian(the Milesian School of thought came up in the 6th century B.C. in the Asia Minor region) philosophers and thereby tries to establish the meaning of curiosity and wonder in learning.

    Vikash Sharma

    21 POSTS
    Vikash Sharma is Founding Editor, The New Leam.


    How Effective is the Union Budget 2021-22 in Terms of its Offerings to Women and Children? 

    The article below examines the effectiveness of the Budget in terms of its offerings to the women and child sectors.

    As India’s COVID crisis worsens, leaders play the blame game while the poor suffer once again

    The need of the hour is for the nation-state to show decisive leadership in not only controlling the surge of the virus, but also providing financial assistance to millions of urban poor and making arrangements for them such that they can survive the pandemic with dignity.

    After early success, India’s daily COVID infections have surpassed the US and Brazil. Why?

    India is in the grip of a massive second wave of COVID-19 infections, and lately it has been surpassing even the United States and Brazil in terms of new daily infection, why are we losing the battle against COVID-19 again?

    Applauding the Spirit of Turkish Women for their Courage to Protest Against Erdogan’s Anti-Feminist Move

    Erdogan’s decision to withdraw Turkey from the 2011 Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combatting Violence Against Women is the most despicable turn he has yet taken against women.

    From Pedagogic Theory to Living Practice: Walking with Children of Shiksha Swaraj

    Is it possible to see education beyond schools and coaching centres? Or, is it possible to break the wall of separation, and invite the marginalized to the realm of creative and life-affirming education?