Monday, May 23, 2022
Dr. Shailesh Shirali, Director Sahyadri School, Pune, India

J. Krishnamurti’s Birth Anniversary Special/ The New Leam in Conversation...

In an insightful conversation with The New Leam. Dr. Shailesh Shirali shares glimpses of his own engagement with the ideas of J.Krishnamurti and the philosophy behind the Sahyadri School.

Expanding the Parameters of Learning beyond Fixed Notions

Individuals have different potentials and standardized markers cannot determine their talents. We need a system of education that acknowledges and builds on the diverse ways in which individuals are gifted.

The Teacher in the ‘New Normal’: Questions of Impact, Sustainability and...

The article looks at how the pandemic has opened up a plethora of challenges before the teaching community and even those who are soon to join the vocation.

The Soul of Education

The book 'The Soul of Education' inevitably raises the question “Should modern public school education even have a soul?” and through its reflections takes us on a journey deep within.

Thinking of Education beyond Textbooks By Ritesh Khunyakari & Shikha Takker

Challenging the Notion of Confined Classrooms: Thinking of Education beyond Textbooks The schooled mind may tend to lose its spontaneity and sense of wonder making...

Why Inner Blooming and Not Alienated Knowledge Transaction is the Goal...

J. Krishnamurti’s educational ideas are premised on the goal of inner blooming rather than a mechanical process of knowledge acquisition.

When Carl Sagan talked about Science and Humanity

Science and humanity are intrinsically related to each other, the piece that follows establishes this link once again in the light of Carl Sagan’s ideas in this context.

The Impact of Bell Hooks : Education as the Practice of...

The New Leam believes that here in our country students and teachers ought to engage with Bell Hooks—a great professor and pedagogue who could...

Delhi’s Government’s Book Bank Initiative is a Step towards Collective Empowerment

In a country like India where many children cannot afford textbooks, the initiative of the Delhi Government to start Book Banks will certainly empower learners from underprivileged backgrounds.

Cultural Diversity, Creative Learning and the Realm of Possibilities

A heterogeneous classroom is an exciting site for a teacher. Here is an article that narrates a creative teacher’s experimentations—the way she shows her sensitivity to cultural/social diversity, taps the potential of each child, and evolves a pedagogic milieu that encourages the child to sharpen her concepts.