Thursday, January 27, 2022

Learning to Fall

Philip Simmons’s book is a gift to all his readers who will draw many messages of life and death from his wonderful work. This inspirational book draws on everyday dilemmas and suggest alternative ways to look at lives problems in adversity.

Reversal of Children’s Right to No Detention

EDUCATION The systematic reversal of this provision without informed debate and research is a set-back to the progress made and dilutes children’s educational right. Governments must understand that curricular decisions shall be mediated by an understanding of the complexities of educational practice. Gunjan Sharma

Shortage of Teachers in Government Schools in Delhi despite Vacancies

An adequate student-teacher ratio is the cornerstone of quality teaching-learning process and without the appointment of a sufficient number of teachers in place education is bound to suffer. Will the insufficient recruitment of teachers be immediately addressed or will our government schools continue to suffer? Kavya Thomas

Issues of Accessibility and Resultant Discrepancies Amid Growing Trends of Digitalisation...

The pandemic has deepened the divide between the affluent and the marginalised through the extensive use of digitalised classroom technologies.

Kristen Kold and Folk Schools of Denmark

As teachers and educators we must be committed to a lifelong process of learning. In this process of self-discovery and exploration the works of the Danish educationist philosopher Kristen Kold open before us a whole new horizon of path breaking insights.

The Tyranny of Tests

As alienating, distressing and anxiety laden examinations are normalised, the sensitive mind of an educationist looks into the paradox of assessment and the harms that it causes to our children.

A look at the ‘Desh ke Mentor’ Program

This article tries to understand the “Desh ke Mentor” initiative under Youth for Education (YFE) program of the Delhi government.

The New Education Policy and the Hype over Early Childhood Care...

Through the help of personal reflections, the article analyses the NEP 2020's vision of early childhood care and education.

Education on a Slippery Slope

Urgent corrective measures are required to counter the Covid-19 induced educational deprivation for millions of poor children.

The Malaise of Corporal Punishment and its Continued Existence in Our...

DISCIPLINE AND PUNISHMENT / The functionalities of punishment go beyond the individual student and act as restorers of collective morality. In an age where corporal punishment is punishable by law, the reasons for its perpetual manifestation need to be discovered.