Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Soul of Education

The book 'The Soul of Education' inevitably raises the question “Should modern public school education even have a soul?” and through its reflections takes us on a journey deep within.

Reimagining the University Beyond the Tyranny of Numbers

Can we imagine the university space beyond the hegemony of graded hierarchies, an obsession with degrees and qualifications to make it creative, holistic and enduring?

What are the Benefits of Learning as a Parent?

An educated and learned set of parents is an asset to children as it forms the premise for a well-rounded, holistic and meaningful growing up process.
Children enjoying themselves while playing in the rain in India.

6 actions school systems can take to support children’s outdoor learning

The growing interest in outdoor learning over the past years is promising. But what can we do to encourage it in our schools?

Maria Montessori challenged and changed how kids are taught, and remains...

One hundred and fifty years after Maria Montessori’s birth, tens of thousands of teachers around the world still hail her innovations and educational philosophy. One...

The Intermeshing Histories of a Nation and a School

In his latest book, 'The Modern School (1920-2020)' historian Rakesh Batabyal takes us on an engaging historical journey where we find the pasts of a nation and a school meshing beautifully into one another.

Reimagining Early Childhood Education (ECE) in post-COVID India

The COVID-19 pandemic jolted the Indian education system effecting the learning trajectories of lakhs of Indian students, the piece urges us to rethink early childhood education in the post-pandemic world.

Kerala’s Mass Movement for Democratising Virtual Learning and Bridging the ‘Digital...

At a time when education is entirely halted for a majority of school students and a push for online education amid a lack of infrastructure asserts itself, Kerala is witnessing a historic mass movement for democratising virtual learning.

Cultivating Peace, Dialogue and Justice Through Education

An important goals of education is to lay the foundation for a society based on equality, peace and justice.

Stop Teaching Students How To Write Answers, Teach Them to Think...

An overt emphasis on mechanical reproduction of bookish answers robs learning of its essence, can we rethink education to make it more organic?