Thursday, January 27, 2022

Cultivating Peace, Dialogue and Justice Through Education

An important goals of education is to lay the foundation for a society based on equality, peace and justice.

Towards School: Not a Smooth Journey

Why is it that schools are becoming increasingly exclusionary? And why is it that nursery admissions are becoming so difficult? With her personal experiences as well as critical insights the author has touched upon a fundamental question confronting everyone bothered about childhood, schooling and education.

The Intermeshing Histories of a Nation and a School

In his latest book, 'The Modern School (1920-2020)' historian Rakesh Batabyal takes us on an engaging historical journey where we find the pasts of a nation and a school meshing beautifully into one another.

Learning to Fall

Philip Simmons’s book is a gift to all his readers who will draw many messages of life and death from his wonderful work. This inspirational book draws on everyday dilemmas and suggest alternative ways to look at lives problems in adversity.

Visual Literacy is Fundamental to Teacher Education Curriculum

Educating the educator makes the crucial component of education and when one effectively exposes oneself to the domain of visual literacy; it becomes a source of empowerment in making sense of the young learner’s world. Manoj Kumar

When Carl Sagan talked about Science and Humanity

Science and humanity are intrinsically related to each other, the piece that follows establishes this link once again in the light of Carl Sagan’s ideas in this context.

The Challenges of Not Knowing the Local Language in Remote Schools...

The local language may often be the key to communicating and establishing a bond in remote corners and not knowing it can pose several challenges.

Education is not just an Accumulation of Degrees

Education is the guiding force of society and it has the potential to liberate it from the forces of negativity, meanness and ruthless competition. How can we define education in the modern era to suit the needs of these challenging times?

Stop Teaching Students How To Write Answers, Teach Them to Think...

An overt emphasis on mechanical reproduction of bookish answers robs learning of its essence, can we rethink education to make it more organic?

The Teacher’s Role in Innovative Social Science Teaching

Here is an article that explores the possibility of critical pedagogy: a mode of teaching-learning that makes social science reflexive, illuminating and life enriching.