Saturday, November 27, 2021

PHOTO| #10yearchallenge:Looking Beyond Narcissist Selfies at the Transforming World Around Us

On Facebook, the popular #10yearchallenge is trending all over the world.

Local Creativities in Times of Market Hegemony

VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY This photo essay is an exploration of a living heritage museum, Dakshin Chitra, located in Muttukadu, 25km from the southern part of Chennai.

Finding Ganesha in the Potter’s Lane

VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi we take our readers on a journey to one of the numerous potters’ lanes in the capital where the artist’s labour and creative agency bridge together to unfold a transformative and inspiring reality of existence.

The Struggle of Indian Masses is Inseparable from the Glory of the Tricolor

VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY On the occasion of independence day, we are sharing a creatively curated photo-essay with  series of penetrating images for our readers.

IN Pictures | Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike in Yemen Kills Dozens of Children

IN PICTURES In a recent Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike in Yemen Kills Dozens, many of them are children. With a deep sense of pain we are sharing a few images. 

The Midnight Lights of Jama Masjid

As the month of Ramdan cleanses the soul and purifies the self, the universe unfolds a celebration of brotherhood and the moment of melting boundaries

Walking through the Lanes of Nostalgia

Jama Maszid
VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY The Daryaganj Sunday book market in Old Delhi is one where all book lovers should go. It is a market that stretches along the long footpath alongside the main road and boasts of books of all varieties from- medical and engineering guide books and sample papers, dictionaries, story and drawing books for children, travel and cookery books to fiction and non-fiction titles for all generations. Kavya Thomas and Kabir

 A Weekly Market in the Heart of the City

Let us talk walk together through a weekly market located in the heart of Delhi. At a time when malls and sanitized shopping spaces have become the overpowering reality can weekly markets of this kind continue to enjoy a space of their own or will they disappear one day at not being able to fit into the conventional definition of the smart-city? Here we explore a weekly market which speaks the language of simplicity, uninterrupted human interaction and a space where social interaction is effortless.

A Walk through the Clouds in Ramgarh

Ramgarh is a small hamlet located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. An undisturbed view of the Himalayan peaks can be enjoyed from this place. Here is a photo-essay on the myriad emotions and existential dilemmas that the abundant natural landscape of Ramgarh invokes in every traveler prepared to walk the path less traveled.