Saturday, November 27, 2021

Gandhi in his Lighter Moments

Gandhi is the iconic symbol of peace, on-violence and communal brotherhood. On his birth anniversary we pay tribute to the man whose humility and simplicity have continued to inspire many genrations.

Kolkata: A Historic Site in the Age of Smart Cities By Pooja Bhatia

Kolkata: A Historic Site in the Age of Smart Cities We live in an age of smart phones and smart cities. At a time when speed, aggression and competition are the dominant ways of relating to the world, does a city like Kolkata have a meaning or a reason to exist? Pooja Bhatia did her Masters in Political Studies from JNU...

Photo Esaay : Walking Through Uttarakhand Mountains By Shruti Jain

  Walking Through Uttarakhand Mountains The majestic beauty of Uttrakhand inspires each moment yet because of ruthless developmental logic its landscape is undergoing change. Here is a revealing picture of the times asking us to pause and contemplate. Shruti Jain is a research Scholar at JNU and working on environmental movements. The beauty of mountain paths is that they are not straight and...

The Nation and its People

The nation reproduces itself through its grand architecture, historic monuments and other symbols of sovereignty. But what about people—ordinary people living and working in silence? As the camera is endowed with a penetrating socio-anthropological imagination, the stories of the nation and its people begin to unfold themselves. By Vikash Sharma, The New Leam, New Delhi      

The Continual Play of Learning and Unlearning

Travelling gives us the insight to climb the mountains, and cross the rivers within. The photo essay emanates from this moment of awakening in a Himalayan hamlet. The Himalayan landscape is a treasure of wonders; each moment comes alive with the unique play of light and shadow, sunshine and rain. As the traveller proceeds on her journey, she is both amazed...

The Fading Shades of Childhood

 The Fading Shades of Childhood The camera speaks….And these visual representations have their owm narratives. With words and images we find ourselves in a situation that makes us feel the institution called school, and its impact on childhood. The essence of education is to make us come closer to the infinite world of possibilities that lies unexplored inside us. Education is...