Thursday, September 24, 2020
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    A Guide to Reading-Out to Your Child

    The introduction of a child to the world of books is one of the best gifts that parenting can offer.

    Loving to Read and Reading to Love

    FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM Reading is central to the development of the learner’s mind, and when this habit is developed from an early age it...

    Rethinking Reading: ICSE and the introduction of popular comics in official Curriculum

    Rethinking Reading: ICSE and the introduction of popular comics in official Curriculum Recently ICSE introduced comics like Tintin and Asterix in their syllabus. What will...

    Reclaiming the Culture of Reading By Dr. Rajeev Dubey

    FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM Reclaiming the Culture of Reading The joy of reading is an integral component of learning, understanding and exploring the world. Be it...

    Reading for Pleasure By K.Lakshmi Rao

              Reading for Pleasure In the digitalized world where technological distractions have made the love for books rare, an educator shares her love for reading,...

    Diversity or Uniformity: Anti-Hindi Conflict Simmers in Tamil Nadu

    Linguistically uniform or linguistically diverse, the Indian educational landscape has been facing this dilemma from the time of independence.

    Understanding the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) – The First Glimpse

    The following article is a part of a series that attempts to understand the primary goals and principles that underline the NEP 2020.

    Venus: could it really harbour life? New study springs a surprise

    Earth’s sister planet, Venus, has not been regarded as a high priority in the search for life. Its surface temperature of around 450°C is...

    The COVID-19 Pandemic and Why the Situation is Unlikely to Improve Before December 2021

    The following article looks at trends and developments in the vaccine development sector to find out the possible timeframe for the creation of a virus free world.

    Recalling the Sacrifice of Brave and Exemplary Jatindra Nath Das

    The bravery and sacrifice of Jatindra Nath Das continues to be celebrated years after his death, his story continues to inspire.

    It Takes an Individual to Commit Suicide, It Takes a Community to Prevent it

    Suicide as a phenomenon calls for society to come together in order to address and prevent individuals from taking the drastic step while creating an ecosystem of acceptance and wellbeing.

    Becoming a Teacher: A Journey Through the Many Experiences that Shape, Define and Transform an Individual Into a Pedagogue

    The discoveries that one makes in life, the teachers that one encounters and the perspectives and worldview that one develops throughout this journey defines what kind of teacher one shapes up into.