Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Ecological Crisis and the Choice of Humanity

ENVIRONMENT/ Ecological violence and denial of a harmonious human-nature bond have resulted in a crisis of ethics around the world. At a juncture when neither the spirit of tribal eco-sensitivity nor the charm of the Romantic Movement can be revived, is there a possible path that can guide the modern, industrial civilization towards sustainability, reciprocity and nurturance with respect to nature. Mark Johnson

Why Fragile Ecosystems Are a Result of the Inhuman Act

A polar bear in the Canadian Arctic was filmed starving to death by a team working on climate change in that area. With ecosystems rapidly altering due to global increments in temperature we may soon be heading towards an unprecedented crisis. Mark Johnson

Syrian Underground Newspaper Enab Baldi Foretells the Story of Courage

Kholoud Waleed is a well-known Syrian journalist and one of the founders of the underground Syrian newspapers named Enab Baladi. The journalism of courage that she carried out with her team has also won her many prestigious awards.

Why Journalism Makes Our Democracy Uncomfortable

The space for critical thinking and dissenting voices is fast disappearing from the greater public discourse. The awakened citizenry requires journalists who report unheard tales from the oppressed communities and compel us to revisit the truth that often goes unquestioned. Does the growing culture of diminishing dissent suppress this journalistic freedom? Will democracies live if independent journalism is condemned?

Book Publisher in Question after Adolf Hitler Listed among World’s Greatest Leaders

Pegasus in its book on world leaders listed Adolf Hitler to be one of those who dedicated their lives to the betterment of their countries and people. The book has generated ridicule and allowed us to decide our accountability in the context of publication for children.

Nothing Really Has Changed for Bihar’s Musahar Community

The Musahar community in Bihar is one of the most deprived and socially disadvantaged groups that are present in the country. Its pathetic condition has not improved much despite a series of reforms and changes in Indian political history. The empowerment of the Musahars is an intrinsic need for the wellbeing of the society as a whole.

Plastic: The Bitter Truth of Human Intellect and Technocratic Progress

Globally 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year and less than 10% of the total quantity is adequately recycled. A large chunk of the plastic produced finds its way into the oceans and water bodies causing immense damage to multiple natural resources. Plastics are causing a damage that is irreversible and devastating to life on our planet. We however continue to witness the global investment in plastic production growing by multiple times, amidst this situation how should we strike the sustainable balance?

In Madhya Pradesh Children Compelled to Answer Roll Call with ‘Jai Hind’

Children in Madhya Pradesh schools to answer roll call with ‘Jai Hind’ for the successful instillation of patriotism. Can compulsion generate heartfelt emotion?

Just 1 Paisa loan Waiver: a Draconian Joke?

The farmer is the backbone of a nation like India which is not only an agrarian society but also one which has a tremendously large population to feed and sustain. Given these conditions it is impossible for India to actually neglect and take for granted its farmer community but today what we witness around us is the stark opposite of this as farmers in various states of the country such as Uttar Pradesh have been promised loan waivers to give them relief from massive agricultural losses but the meagre amounts that they finally did manage to receive after much waiting are only an insignificant portion of what was promised on paper. Are we not cracking a very poor joke at the Indian farmer?

Myanmar’s Rohingya Population and the Paradox of Peace Leadership

Myanar’s Rohingya population is facing a clear case of ethnic cleansing with organised violence and atrocities against them by the overwhelming military establishment. It is a paradox that its Nobel Peace Prize winner leader Aung San Suu Kyi chooses to remain silent and do little to curb the violence against this particular ethnic minority. Does this not reveal the inherent irony of peace politics in our times?

Incessant Rains in Mumbai and the Negligence of Ecological Concerns

Excess rain in Mumbai has meant immense chaos and vulnerable roads leading to problems beyond what can be estimated. However what we must understand is that this is intrinsically related to the kind of development that we have prioritised and our ecological insensitivity. This piece explores these significant questions.