Tuesday, May 24, 2022


In a Barbaric and Heinous Act, a Monkey is Hanged to Death in Telangana...

In a gruesome and cruel act, villagers in Telangana hung a monkey to death and witnessed the act while cheering and laughing at the barbaric display of brutality.
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Can biodiversity loss lead to more infectious disease spread?

A section of scientists say there is a ‘biodiversity dilution effect’ in which declining biodiversity results in increased infectious-disease transmission.

 Why Human Selfishness Wiped Out Many Animals from the Face of the Earth

Human intellect has often built up an ego that has ceaselessly believed in the destruction and exploitation of nature towards meeting anthropocentric needs. Many species of animals and plants that flourished on the face of this earth are today extinct, is human intellect following the desirable direction?

India and its Relationship with the ‘Holy Cow’ and its ‘Unholy’ treatment

In recent times violence in the name of the ‘holy cow’ on the rise but does it really alter the perceptions we hold about...

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