Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Latin America saw most murdered environmental defenders in 2018

Eighty-three of the 164 environmental defenders killed around the world in 2018 were from Latin America.

Declare UP’s Mirzapur forests as a conservation reserve, says study

The study has recommended to the government to notify a part of the Mirzapur’s forest area as a conservation reserve with sloth bear as a flagship species. It noted that the Mirzapur forests are an important wildlife corridor for protected areas around it.
Railway Track

Without Forest Approval New Railway Projects Endanger Environment

Adversely impacting wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves and forest lands, the project worries environmentalists.

Wildlife and people work together during Assam’s annual tryst with floods

Nearly 200 animals have been killed in Kaziranga National Park, home to the world’s largest population of greater one-horned rhinos. The floods are a necessary evil for Kaziranga’s ecology.

Killing of Tigers in the Name of Safety

REPORTAGE The tigress Avni was recently killed and her two cubs are seen to be roaming about lonely in the forests of Maharashtra while two others cubs have been crushed by a train in Chandrapur.

Being Responsible for the Man-Tiger Conflict

CRITICAL INSIGHT The hunter who killed Avni said that he did so in self-defence. We have just 3,900 tigers remaining and in urgent need of immediate plans to save our tigers.

Lessons from the Soliga in Times of Ruthless Development and Statist Monopoly

Hegemonic and authoritarian models of development are often against both communities and forests. Here is a look at the life and struggle of the Soliga Tribe in Karnataka that asserted its rights and won back its access to the forest as a source of life and livelihood.

Forest People and the Lacuna in the Implementation of the PESA and FRA Acts

POLICY MAKERS The PESA and the FRA are acts that can empower people of the forests to lead dignified lives and generate livelihood. Improper implementation and dearth of democratic exercise need to be evaluated for meaningful utilization of forest resource and empowerment of people.

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