Monday, April 19, 2021


    Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Says No to Independence Day Celebrations Due to COVID-19

    The whole country is presently battling the coronavirus pandemic and all efforts are presently under way to ensure that the spread of the infection...

    The Padmanabhaswamy Temple Controversy and the Politics of History Telling

    According to the SC the erstwhile royals of Thiruvananthapuram will continue to have ceremonial rights over the temple but its proceedings will be looked after by a committee.

    High-Intensity Political Drama in Rajasthan Amid CM Ashok Gehlot’s Sedition Charges Against MLAs

    Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot’s sedition charges against two MLAs for engaging in alleged horse-trading has been condemned by the PUCL.

    Sachin Pilot Refuses to Join BJP as CM Ashok Gehlot Retains Support Amid Rajasthan...

    Sachin Pilot has decided against joining the BJP and the Congress is keen to rehabilitate him, the coming weeks will explain how.

    Sachin Pilot No Longer Deputy CM of Rajasthan as Power Tussle Intensifies

    CM Ashok Gehlot led Congress government has been made vulnerable after Sachin Pilot’s revolt and the dwindling numbers may aggravate the crisis in Rajasthan’s politics.

    Rajasthan in Crisis as Sachin Pilot & Over a Dozen Congress MLAs in Talks...

    Deputy chief minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot is said to be in touch with the BJP according to recent media reports that suggest possibility of government topple in the state

    India’s Long Standing North-East Insurgency & the Recent Indo-Chinese Standoff

    China’s expansionist tendencies and its aggressive stance need to be seen in the context of the insurgency in the north-east and the resultant political relations between the two countries.

    How BJP IT Cell is Preparing for Upcoming Bihar Elections

    With Bihar assembly elections around the corner, BJP plans to recruit more than 9,500 IT cell heads, form 72,000 WhatsApp groups to mobilise voters.

    Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of India’s COVID-19 Response: Migrant Workers, Farmers and Tribals

    Underestimated and neglected, India’s migrant workers, farmers and tribals are on the frontline of our response to the pandemic.
    Economy in pandemic

    Bruised, Battered and Humiliated: The Story of Migrant Workers

    The migrant class finds itself amid a flood of difficulties. Absent from rhetorical politics and public conscience, who will pay heed to their agonies?

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