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Indifferent State, Hypocritical Politics and the Plight of Migrant Workers

Here is a piece that underlines state apathy towards the migrant class and reveals the fractured and unequal society that we find ourselves in.

Whom Does the Nation Consider its Own?

In social infrastructure a privilege of the elite alone or do the marginalised masses too have a share in the nation’s growth story? In the piece that follows we explore this complex issue. Kavya Thomas

Society/Victims of Domestic Violence Silently Tolerate Abusive Marriages,Thanks to Indian Patriarchy 

Domestic violence in marriages is widely prevalent in India, but most victims accept it as their destiny and continue leading a life of indignity and abuse.

Poor and Wretched: Struggles for Existence despite National Development

ECONOMIC INEQUALITY          Growing economic inequality seems to be tearing the world apart.  The disparity has resulted in undignified lives, unemployment and the absence of even the basic necessities for a large section of the population.

Hurricane season not only brings destruction and death but rising inequality too

ECONOMY In a study two sociologist found that populations that are privileged in terms of education, race or homeownership gain wealth in the aftermath of natural disasters, exacerbating already wide economic inequities. Junia Howell 

Why the Acquisition of Wealth is Synonymous with Responsible Behavior

Money is important for the fulfillment of basic human needs but when it is misused or employed as a tool for the appropriation of others, injustice is perpetuated. The piece explores the tricky dialectics of the resource. Samhita K

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