Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Chukwuemeka Ike at a book reading. Izunna Okafor/National Light

Chukwuemeka Ike: a legacy of unity in diversity

Chukwuemeka Ike literary works, which span every aspect of human life, remain relevant through time.

EXCERPT | No more partition, please…  

Did Partition divide only the geographical territory? Or, did it also fragment and brutalize our consciousness? We could not escape this question.

‘Missing Kafka Papers’ Uncovered in Israel

The discovery of the final batch of Kafka’s writings from an art forgery in Germany will open pathways for new research.

Novelist of the Black Experience, Toni Morrison is No More

Toni Morrison was an American literary giant whose works bridged intricate storytelling with a critical commentary on the social order.

Straight to Normal: My Life as a Gay Man- A Book That Challenges Stereotypes,...

Sharif Rangnekar’s book Straight to Normal: My Life as a Gay Man, is an experiential account of his coming out story as a gay man and the many challenges that life threw his way.

From Male Gaze to Women’s Subjectivity: The Potential of ‘Preeto and Other Stories’

LITERATURE In a new collection of short stories written by Indian male authors, an attempt has been made to step into the women’s’ world with radical insight and keeping into mind the contemporary context.  But can male writers really step into the world of women?

Dalit Literature Festival: A Space for the Assertion of India’s Marginalised Writers

We witness many corporate organised literature festivals but the Capital’s first ever Dalit Literature Festival highlighted the issues and challenges faced by India’s marginalised Dalit writers.

Krishna Sobti: The Wound of Partition and the Fear of a Fragile Democracy

TRIBUTE Sahitya Akedemi and Gyananpith awardee Krishna Sobti’s death has left India’s literary circles remembering the literary genius who combined traditional storytelling with modernist sensibilities. Sobti’s rich body of work and commitment to literature shall be celebrated forever.

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