Friday, January 22, 2021

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    Football Nationalism, Marxism and Our Times

    At times, we can see the contradictions of our times in what newspapers publish as mere news items.

    Gandhi—the step-father of the nation : Ashish Nandy

    With his characteristic style, Ashis Nandy provokes us, and makes us see the relevance of Gandhi.

    Mr. Hamid Ansari’s brilliant speech at National Law School, Bengaluru : if words were...

    Mr. Hamid Ansari’s brilliant speech on nationalism, secularism and cultural pluralism has come at a time when many of us are experiencing an environment...

    Which of the following symbols is correct for your university to adopt?

    THE NEW LEAM HUMOR The vice-chancellor of a leading university in the country has been asked to answer the following question on an OMR sheet: Which...

    In Search of Abundance: Towards a Pedagogy of Love and Resistance

    Nationalism is a double-edged phenomenon. It is important for a creative pedagogue to distinguish its positive features from its discontents. Here is a piece that reflects on the paradoxical nature of nationalism, and pleads for a pedagogy of love and resistance.

    Beyond Narrow Nationalism: Rethinking Education By Arvind Kumar Patel

    Beyond Narrow Nationalism: Rethinking Education The world is a shared community, and nations are recent constructs. Can education play a role in liberating us from...

    The Nation and its People

    The nation reproduces itself through its grand architecture, historic monuments and other symbols of sovereignty. But what about people—ordinary people living and working in...

    Muhammad Iqbal on the Idea of Nationalism By Dr. Irfanullah Farooqi

    At a time when we confront diverse and conflicting views on nation and nationalism, it is important to recall Mohammad Iqbal—the intellectual journey that the poet-philosopher undertook, the way he looked at Islam, religion and modernity, and critiqued the idea of ‘territorial nationalism'.

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