Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Shrouded in Pollution and Bureaucratic Neglect, Will the Taj Mahal be saved?

Bureaucratic incompetence, pollution and collective neglect pose a danger to the survival of the iconic Taj Mahal.

Odd-Even Scheme Gears Up to Make Delhi Comeback, Will it Help?

With the number of cars growing at an unprecedented rate, can the Odd-Even Scheme bell the cat in the room?

High Degree of Pollutants Infect Rajasthan’s Groundwater

The Duke University India Initiative has shown how water in Rajasthan is undrinkable without treatment.

Stench, Stigma and Suffering: The Story of Lost Dreams at the Ghazipur Landfill

The pathological condition of the workers and inhabitants of the Ghazipur landfill calls for an urgent and timely intervention. Can India rethink its waste management?

India bans all Solid Plastic Waste Imports in Significant Ecological Move

ENVIRONMENT India has ordered the complete ban on solid plastic waste imports in a target towards making the nation solid-plastic free by 2020.  The availability of alternatives accompanied by the support of citizens will enable India to achieve its targets.

Air-Purifiers to Masks: The Market Won’t Let Citizens and the Nation-States to Collectively Fight...

ENVIRONMENT SUSTAINABILITY The market ensures that individualised solutions to collective problems bar us from making collective, long term transformations towards environmental sustainability.

Common Pollutants and Their Implications For Teenage Mental Health

The implications of pollution are not just adverse on people’s health but it also effects mental development of children and young people.

Choked in Negligence, Mahul and its Tales of Resistance

CHOKED IN NEGLIGENCE From Ghatkopar and Chembur slums many residents have been shifted to the lanes in Mahul where pollutant-toxicity contaminates air and water. A silent protest staged by the residents is waiting to get the attention of the Maharashtra government.

Air Quality Degenerates in Delhi But Are We Paying Attention?

ENVIRONMENT The air pollution level in Delhi has again reached its peak, temporary steps and immediate measures will help address the immediate crisis but unless as a collective we work for radical shifts in consumption patterns we cannot achieve long term change.

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