Tuesday, March 2, 2021


    What Did New Zealand, Vietnam and Iceland Do to Flatten Their Coronavirus Curves?

    New Zealand, Vietnam and Iceland have adopted unique strategies to flatten their coronavirus curves successfully, here is what these countries chose to do.

    India’s ASHA Workers Amid COVID-19

    The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has meant more hours of work, sustained community resistance, institutional apathy and personal risk for India’s ASHA workers.

    Indian Women Face Major ‘Sanitary Pad Crisis’ as Country Battles the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Indian women are experiencing a major ‘sanitary pad crisis’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Absence of State-Civil Society Cooperation Make Hunger an Unprecedented Challenge in Bihar

    The government and the civil society must work in collaborative effort to fight hunger and poverty amid the pandemic, but why have things not worked for Bihar?
    public healthcare system in Bihar

    Coronavirus Maybe Responsible for An Additional 95,000 Tuberculosis Deaths in India

    A recent study points towards the possibility of an additional 95,000 TB related deaths in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    India’s Cancer Patients are Facing Unprecedented Hardships in Accessing Medical Care Amid the Pandemic

    Absorbing all medical facilities and infrastructure, the pandemic has unleashed unprecedented difficulties for India’s Cancer patients.
    Tuberculosis Deaths

    India is Reporting Lesser Tuberculosis Deaths Owing to Diversion of Resources to COVID-19 Mitigation...

    Owing to diversion of manpower and resources to the COVID-19 mitigation program, lower reportage of TB associated deaths is a point of critical concern for the country.
    medical team coronavirus

    Challenges Around Chronic Healthcare Amid the Lockdown

    While the entire medical fraternity lays emphasis on the coronavirus pandemic, the system is certainly failing patients with chronic ailments.
    covid -19 medical team

    The Possibilities of a Decline in the COVID-19 Fatality Rate: A Detailed Analysis

    This article is a detailed analysis of the declining COVID-19 fatality rate and the factors responsible for such a development.

    Years of neglect led to Vizag gas tragedy

    Public health experts advocate for a long term study to understand the impact on the health of people, water bodies and plants after a gas leak on from an industrial plant in Visakhapatnam on May 7 claimed the lives of at least 12 people.

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