Saturday, June 19, 2021


    Burari Deaths Bring Us to the Crossroads of Religious Dogma, Superstition and Rationality

    The strange but possible entwining of modernity, spirituality and individuality in the latest Burari deaths shows the irony of modernity and what Weber would have regarded as disenchantment in our age.

    The Interplay between Religion, Television and Tradition in Indian Media

     The emergence of Doordarshan epitomised technological growth in the country and laid emphasis on television as a tool for social transformation.

    Allah: The Gentle

    At this sacred moment of Ramadan fasting and prayers, the following passage would remind the readers of the beauty of the believer’s engagement with the all-pervading Allah.

    Bureaucratization of Religion and the Japanese Monk who sued his Temple Over ‘workplace harassment’

    An ‘overworked’ monk in Japan accuses his temple authorities of ‘workplace harassment’ and demands a compensation of US 78,000- when religion is turned into a gigantic bureaucratic machinery it becomes ‘irreligious’.

    No Godman: Existence is the only Miracle

    Here is a perceptive reflection on the phenomenal growth of 'godmen' and their unholy practices.

    Students in Kerala Refuse to Submit Caste-Class Details Amidst Identity Politics in the Country

    About 1.24 lakh students in Kerala have refused to fill the caste-religion column in their admission details. When identity politics has become widespread, this action in Kerala is a ray of hope.

    Vivekananda’s Practical Vedanta

    EXCERPT | On Swami Vivekananda's birth anniversary (January 12) we invoke the revolutionary monk who sought to remind us of the immense potential we are all gifted with.

    Verdict Awaited in Sabarimala Case: Will Women Gain Access to the Temple?

    Women are equal citizens with the same fundamental rights like their male counterparts. However, in Sabarimala temple women between the age group of 10-50 years are not allowed their right to worship freely based on archaic customary practices. Can the Constitutional Bench contest this practice and return to women their right to equality?

    What the Sentence on Ram Rahim Singh will convey

    Ram Rahim Singh the Dera Sacha Sauda Chief along with the nation await his sentence today after being convicted for rape. In recent days his case has caused massive violence and curfew like situation in Punjab and Haryana leading to the deaths of more than 38 people. What remains to be seen is whether the politician-god- man nexus emerges stronger over justice or Indian democracy still values the principle of social justice and punishes its offenders?

    Seeing beyond Ram Rahim: diverse manifestations of religiosity in these turbulent times

    In this analytical article the author has gone deeper into the dynamics of the prevailing social forces and tied to understand the religious phenomenon.

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