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Gender Insensitivity and Sexism are Ingrained in Indian Socialisation Practices, Can Education Change it?

From socialisation to school curriculum, from taboos on sex associated discussions to engaging cross gender interactions, the issues of masculinity and femininity need to be probed into.

Cultivating Peace, Dialogue and Justice Through Education

An important goals of education is to lay the foundation for a society based on equality, peace and justice.

Daughters of Negligence: Domestic Workers and the Apathy of the Urban Middle Class Amid...

Financial strains and social boycott have deepened the crisis faced by domestic workers, what accounts for their negligence despite their vital significance?

Education and its Emancipatory Role Towards Building a Society Premised on Justice

Education has to play a very significant role in building a society premised on the ethos of equality and justice.

India’s Coronavirus Lockdown and My Musings on the Good, Bad and the Ugly of...

The lockdown has meant different things to people across the spectrum but for every sensitive mind, it has meant an opportunity to contemplate on the complexities of existence itself.

Democracy and the Question of Viable Participation in a Pandemic Hit Indian Economy

This article looks at the various economic and structural issues facing India in a coronavirus hit world and possible potentials for the resurgence of a democratic voice.

40 Dalit Families Face Social Boycott and Indignity in Odisha Over Flower Plucking

After a Dalit girl plucked a flower from the garden of an upper caste resident in an Odisha village, the entire community has been boycotted.

A Pornographic Culture, Societal Violence and the Implications of Our Collective Decadence

Consumption of aggressive pornographic content promotes violence, exploitation and heightened oppression of women, while corrupting the societal fabric.

This Independence Day,Let’s Listen to the Canaries

As a global pandemic engulfs us and as exploitation and hierarchies amplify, this Independence Day, let’s reflect on our shared destinies.

Netflix’s Latest Show Indian Matchmaking Rekindles Debate on Institution of Arranged Marriage in India

Rekindling debate on arranged marriages, new series exposes India’s obsession with superficial indicators.

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