Friday, May 7, 2021

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    Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Suicides Remind Us of the Urgency of Educational Reformation

    EDUCATION It is shocking to note that 49 children have committed suicide from 2013-2017 at the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas for a series of issues like family problems, unrequited love, depression among others.

    Metro Stations, Homelessness and Suicide

    Is there deep pain in a busy metropolis as trains come and depart at the metro stations without ever acknowledging our living humanity? 

    How Many Farmers More: Why We Turn a Deaf Year to India’s Agrarian Crisis?

    AGRICULTURE The Kalahandi farmer suicide is not a unique case but representative of the larger agrarian crisis faced by India. The suicide of more than 300,000 farmers since 1998 points towards the need for state initiative that transforms the existence of India’s farmers.

    Looking Beyond the Stigma of Mental Illness: Addressing Global Suicide

    One person commits suicide every 40 seconds in the world. Can we stop stigmatising those with mental illness and devise means to a more inclusive and emancipatory world order?

    The Kingdom of Apps and the Denial of Humanism

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT Applications to talk to and determine suicidal tendencies are becoming popular amidst young professionals showcasing a massive challenge before a society characterised by anonymity and surveillance.

    The Myth of Exam Success and a Decadent Culture

    CRITICAL INSIGHT The irony of the examination system is that it continues to thrive in spite of its regressive, destructive, hierarchical and oppressive nature. The success of NEET topper Kalpana Kumari and the suicide of IAS aspirant Varun Subhash Chanadra are outcomes of an archaic machinery that is already rotten.

     Seeing the World through the Flow of News

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT | Psychic Perversion amidst Technological Abundance 

    No Comparison; You are You, and I am Me 

    After CBSC Class X results, three children in the national capital committed suicide. Think of it. It is the ugly practice of comparison that stigmatizes many who have not 'succeeded' like others; this pathology destroys human possibilities.

    When does a ‘game’ cease to remain a game?

    The deadly ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is terminologically only a ‘game’ but is it really just that? Let us explore why games which were initially made to create moments of collective recreation and unwinding are fast becoming roadmaps to an ugly and devastating future.

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