Saturday, September 25, 2021


JNU Students Agitate, Protest Unprecedented Developments on Campus

An unprecedented fee hike accompanied by rising mess bills are being protested against by the student community.

Why is the JNU Administration Afraid of Talking to Students?

For a university built on the foundations of liberal thought, progress and critical pedagogy, what does the denial of academic freedom on campus entail for the future?

Administrators, Pedagogues and Students

Is it possible to emancipate our universities from the dictates of stubborn/non-dialogic administrators?

Jamia Millia Islamia/Students Assaulted and Harassed by ‘Bouncers’ Hired by Admimstration

Jamia Millia Islamia students allege assault by bouncers hired by the university to curb silent protest against the administration.

Campus Protest/Students Protest Unprecedented Fee Hike in Uttarakhand Ayurvedic University 

Rapid institutional fee hikes in recent months have brought about a series of protests by students across the nation.

Destroying Minds, Destroying Creativity

Even if we feel proud of our 'publications' and 'expertise', the fact is that the prevalent practice of higher education has destroyed our creativity and life-affirming energy.

Studentship, Bureaucratic Restrictions and Freedom in the University

There are no rights without responsibilities. There is no freedom without consciousness. There is no protest without honesty.

Reliving the Microcosm of India inside the University

From humble homes to a gigantic metropolis, the University of Delhi opens up a microcosm of Indian diversity before its students.

United Left Panel Emerges Victorious in JNUSU Polls

United Left Front claims all four central posts in JNUSU polls.

Grading, Student Engagement and Success in Academia

As university campuses are becoming increasingly alienating, a teacher reflects on the need for reciprocity.

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