Monday, October 25, 2021


Manipur University Protests against V-C as HODs and Deans Resign

MANIPUR The Manipur University Students Union (MUSU) is demanding the resignation of V-C Adya Prasad over allegations of bad governance of the university.

Beyond the Autonomy Debate: How Not to Perpetuate the Apartheid in India’s Higher Education...

VIEWPOINT The need of the hour is greater and equal allocation of resources aimed at equalizing the pre-existing disparity among central and regional universities, and the creation of more public-funded universities to facilitate entry of the last person in line into the regular mode of higher education.

VIDEO | Exposing the Facade of University Autonomy – Dr. Maya John

VIDEO | In an engaging conversation with The New Leam, Dr Maya John who teaches History at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi throws light on the significant issue of university autonomy and its possible repercussions on higher education in the nation.

Crisis in Public Universities and the Indian Context   

Public universities are significant contributors for the development of a nation. It is extremely necessary for governments to maintain quality and deliver the optimum through public universities for empowerment of people and the creation of a meaningful society.

Only Superman and Not Kanhaiya Can Fail Eleven Times When There are no Examinations...

No university conducts exams for Ph.D. students and Kanhaiya Kumar is such a student in JNU. Unless he is Superman, it is beyond Kanhaiya to fail his examinations any number of times because no examinations are conducted in the program he is admitted to.

JNU and the Stubbornness of the Aloof Vice-Chancellor

JNU as a university has nurtured generations of students from marginalised communities. Will bureaucratic aloofness bring forward a sustained challenge before the prospects of higher education?

The Sickness of Plagiarism: Seeing Beyond Select JNU Professors

Lately an online news website published an exhaustive report on plagiarism – particularly, the way some newly appointed JNU teachers have be found to be plagiarising their major works.

LGBTQ Sensitive TISS Campus is an Illustration to Emulate

Gender equality can be achieved when those from the LGBTQ experience dignity. TISS, Mumbai ensures this by building neutral rooms and bathrooms for such learners.

Opposing Jamia Millia Islamia’s Minority Status and the Flaws in Indian Secular Traditions

VIEWPOINT Minority institutions in a nation like India are vital for the maintenance of the secular ethics. The affidavit filed against the minority status of the JMI by the ruling government questions the basis of the secular foundations of the nation. Farah Noor

Endangered J.N.U. in the Era of Ideological Witch-Hunting

FACULTY APPOINTMENT Can campuses in the country continue to fall victim to ideological witch-hunting? In recent months the fate of J.N.U. has seen several turning points and unsatisfactory recruitment of faculty, improper construction of Selection Committees and the perpetual tussle between the admiration and the larger community of teachers-students have made it a battleground. How long can a revenge based outlook to educational institutions remain the dominant discourse? Amit Joshi

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