Friday, April 23, 2021


    Kuchbandiya Community

    Kuchbandiya Community Struggles for Essential Sanitation

    Poor sanitation and infrastructural facilities have further pushed the Kuchbandiya community into marginalisation and hardship.
    informal sector

    The Shocking Revelations of Caste Based Exploitation and Atrocity in Uttar Pradesh

    Even decades after Indian independence, caste based atrocity and rampant violence continue to fragment and fracture India’s socio-political fabric.
    children tortured ANTI-CAA and NRC Protest

    Brutal State: UP Police detained and tortured children during anti-CAA protests

    The UP Police detained and tortured children during protests against the contentious CAA in several parts of Uttar Pradesh according to a fact finding committee.

    Unnao Rape Victim Dies, UP CM Yogi Adityanath Promises Speedy Justice

    Unnao rape victim’s death puts humanity to shame and shows our collective decadence as a society.

    Dead Mouse or Dead Ethics: Why is the UP Government Feeding Poisoned Food in...

    Dead mouse, diluted milk, salt and rotis, this is the dark truth of rampant corruption and callous implementation of the mid-day meal scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

    Violent Clashes between Farmers and Cops In UP’s Unnao Over Smart City Project

    The farmers are demanding better compensation for their land acquired for the Trans-Ganga City project, an upcoming township near Kanpur.

    Shrouded in Pollution and Bureaucratic Neglect, Will the Taj Mahal be saved?

    Bureaucratic incompetence, pollution and collective neglect pose a danger to the survival of the iconic Taj Mahal.

    Archaic and Regressive: Discrimination Served in the Name of Mid-day Meal

    Mid-Day meals have turned into dens of discriminatory and corruptive practices.

    Declare UP’s Mirzapur forests as a conservation reserve, says study

    The study has recommended to the government to notify a part of the Mirzapur’s forest area as a conservation reserve with sloth bear as a flagship species. It noted that the Mirzapur forests are an important wildlife corridor for protected areas around it.

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