Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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    With Rampant Rape, is India the Worst Country for Women?

    A unaddressed misogynistic societal attitude underpins the culture of rape in India.

    Can we Counter the Culture of Rape by Castrating or Lynching Rapists?

    The extra-judicial killing of the accused in the brutal rape and murder of Hyderabad vet, raises more questions than one.

    Unnao Rape Victim Dies, UP CM Yogi Adityanath Promises Speedy Justice

    Unnao rape victim’s death puts humanity to shame and shows our collective decadence as a society.

    Speedy Justice or Extra-Judicial Killing: the Debate over Police Encounter of Accused in Hyderabad...

    All the four accused in the rape and murder of veterinary doctor in Telangana have been killed in a police encounter.

    Normalising Violence Against Women: How Many More Priyanka Reddys Do We Need?

    Violence against women has become a common occurrence in our society, but nothing much can change unless we alter our consciousness.

    How Many More Nirbhayas Do We Need Before We Prioritise Women’s Safety?

    The young doctor’s rape and murder in Hyderabad is a reminder that women’s safety isn’t the state’s priority.

    An Orphaned Child, a Helpless Mother: A Disaster called Jammu and Kashmir

    No internet, telecommunication, education or healthcare - how can things be “normal” in Jammu and Kashmir?

    Have We Internalized the Logic of Surveillance?

    Is it that we have begun to love the culture of surveillance?

    Excerpt | The Violence of the Mechanical Mind

    Vandana Shiva's penetrating observations and sharp reflections make us rethink the project of modernity - its instrumental rationality, its hyper-masculine doctrine of development and manipulation of nature, and its dualism that separates the knower from the known, science from ethics, and is centralizing/monopolizing tendency.

    The Kashmir Lockdown and its Implications for Millions of Children

    Millions of children in the Valley are part of the prolonged political crisis in Kashmir without any fault of theirs. Their education and learning stand completely destroyed, leaving them out of schools for a prolonged and indefinite period.

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