Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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    porn needs careful regulations

    Why Your Addiction to Porn is More than a Disease

    MATTER OF CONCERN Unrestricted accessibility of pornographic content leads to sexual violence that disrupts the very fabric of society. We live in a world where not only is the need for restriction over porn crucial but also fundamental for the wellbeing of society. Bharat Dogra

    A Broken Home Leads to an Unhappy Childhood

    Parental violence and conflict traumatise the child, making it impossible for her to lead a childhood in normalcy. While arriving at a solution may not be impossible it is important that the parents come together to rebuild a home of love and respect. Sundaresh. D.S.

    Violence during West Bengal Bandh

    REPORTAGE The violence that has incurred in the Bengal bandh reminds us that while bandh are an integral component of democracy, they should be carried out with an utter sense of responsibility.

    Falsehood of an Over-arching Religious Identity

    OPINION | In this lucid piece Professor Avijit Pathak has referred to Mr. Shashi Tharoor's remark on a 'Hindu Pakistan', and reflected on the politico-cultural and psychic dangers implicit in the idea of militant religious nationalism.  Avijit Pathak

    Memorandum Submitted to PM: Mizo Students’ Reassert the Assam- Mizoram Border Issue

    NORTH EAST The Students’ body in Mizoram has submitted a memorandum to the PM to address the Assam-Mizoram border issue. The Report will be discussed...

    Banaras Hindu University: The Passionate Patriarch

    Blatant sexism can be seen in our institutions for higher learning even today as we witness discriminatory rules for girls living in hostels on campuses like BHU. With the onset of popular protest against such derogatory practices against women the time has come for us to restructure our educational priorities and make learning institutions egalitarian spaces.

    Gender Justice: Who’s Cup of Tea?

    From sensitization workshops to vigilance marches and viral videos on social media I looked for gender justice all around and yet found it nowhere. Is there possibly an undiscovered corner I am yet to explore?

    When should the nation mourn the death of a tree?

    We kill trees. We destroy the ecosystem. The master narrative of development justifies and even sanctifies this violence. Should we allow it to happen , or think of a new practice?

    India and its Relationship with the ‘Holy Cow’ and its ‘Unholy’ treatment

    In recent times violence in the name of the ‘holy cow’ on the rise but does it really alter the perceptions we hold about...

    Insurgency and Everyday Violence in Northeast India: The Educational Challenge By Jeebanlata...

    Violence and aggression cast a dark shadow on the beautiful period of childhood. A researcher shares a biographical account of growing up in the...

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