Sunday, October 17, 2021


Corn is the staple crop of Mexico/Pixabay

Mexico’s Difficulties in Protecting Safety of Its Food System Should Be An Eye-Opener For...

The hardships that Mexico is facing in producing its staple crop corn shall be a reminder of the challenges that all similar economies may face in the future.

India’s crisis deepens, but vaccine sharing is yet to materialise

As India faces a rapidly growing case count, countries around the world are donating supplies and money. However, donations of vaccines to India have been less forthcoming, despite calls for countries with high vaccination rates to share their supplies

COVID in India: the deep-rooted issues behind the current crisis

The following article examines the various factors that may have been responsible for turning the COVID-19 pandemic into a humanitarian crisis in India.

Social Moorings and Distancing: From Living in an Intimate Neighbourhood to Living in a...

During the mid- 70’s I grew up in a para (a neighbourhood or locality having a strong sense of community solidarity) in North Bengal...

Sexed Semen: What’s Wrong With Our Gendered Cattle Breeding Technologies?

The article looks at the problems associated with semen technology and its over emphasis on producing only female calves.
A group gathers to protest against social isolation rules of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Edmonton, Alta., on April 29, 2020.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Do you have a Right to Protest? The Coronavirus’s Impact on Freedom of Assembly

The article looks at the impact of the COVID-19 on people's right to protest.
Disposable sanitary napkins are made primarily out of plastic. They take 500-800 years to fully disintegrate. Photoby Natracare/Unsplash.

What is sustainable menstruation and how can it help tackle menstrual waste?

Can the world move towards eco-friendly menstrual products for a sustainable future?
The Black Mambas. Image courtesy of Black Mambas APU.

Plans to Prevent Future Pandemics Must Consider Gender Issues, too

The article highlights how any planning for a pandemic-free world needs to take the gender question so seriously.

What steps must be taken to secure oxygen – for COVID-19 patients and into...

New waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in countries, such as Kenya and India, have exposed the poor management of oxygen supplies but what can countries with limited resources, can do to secure better supplies?

Intellectual property and Covid-19: how can we accelerate vaccination globally?

The following article explores how the process of vaccination may be specified and democratised globally and the key challenges involved.

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