Wednesday, December 8, 2021


People are dying in US prisons, and not just from COVID-19

Randall Jordan-Aparo, Darren Rainey and Latandra Ellington are not household names. But like Michael Brown, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, they were killed by...

Moorings for a Post-Pandemic World & On What Lies Beyond

The pandemic has left us stranded on the threshold of the old and the new, but will the new world be full of compassion and empathy or will it carry over the injustices of the old?

Hachalu Hundessa: charismatic musician who wasn’t afraid to champion Ethiopia’s Oromo

Anyone who steps into the public sphere in Ethiopia is also a potential political leader. In this atmosphere, an outspoken musician runs a high...

What Did New Zealand, Vietnam and Iceland Do to Flatten Their Coronavirus Curves?

New Zealand, Vietnam and Iceland have adopted unique strategies to flatten their coronavirus curves successfully, here is what these countries chose to do.

Ethiopia Seeks Answers to the Brutal Murder of Revolutionary Singer-Poet Haacaaluu Hundeessaa

Revolutionary Ethiopian poet-singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa’s brutal murder has angered his people and unleashed countrywide protests.

Watch | 19 People Killed in an Explosion at Tehran, Iran

In the explosion at a health center located in northern Tehran around 19 people have been killed, buildings are damaged and thick black smoke has been seen in the sky.
Palestine and Israel

The Last Chance For A Viable Two-State Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian coexistence is not one of many options, it is the only option. They must now choose the quality of their neighborly relations and decide whether they want to live in peace and prosperity, or continue to indefinitely shed each other’s blood.
Sanitation Workers at Risk

Health, Safety and Dignity of Sanitation Workers at Risk Globally

The plight of sanitation workers deserves special attention as they are faced with work hazards that put their lives to threat and take away their dignity.
migrant workers and

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Beginning of a New World Order

Would the pandemic become a reason for the whole of humanity to shift from greed to sharing, or would it amplify our selfishness to another level?
jail prison

“I Do Not Want to Die in Here”: Letters From the Houston Jail

A series of letters from detainees in one of America’s largest jails reveals the mounting dread and uncertainty as the coronavirus spreads inside the 7,500-inmate facility.

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