Friday, April 23, 2021

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    Faced With Difficult Times, Indian Democracy Needs Urgent Guidance of Lawyers, Jurists and...

    Indian democracy is finding itself in a critical crisis and it is high time that it needs the help and guidance of distinguished lawyers, jurists and retired judges to come back to track.
    An ED official standing outside the Newsclick office in New Delhi

    The Need for a Sustained Resistance Against the Targeting of Critical Media Voices 

    The statement of the Delhi Union of journalists  against targeting of Newsclick and critical media voices by the government deserves wider support.

    Reclaiming the Independence and Autonomy of India’s Press Amid Challenging Times

    The freedom and autonomy of the media is central to the survival of democracy, but are we able to retain the sanctity of the fourth estate in these trying times?

    Press Freedom/Australia needs a Media Freedom Act. Here’s how it could work

    The Australian Federal Police has this week conducted two high-profile raids on journalists who have exposed government secrets and their sources.

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