Thursday, July 9, 2020

    Education as Substantial Public Interest and the Inherent Inequalities of...

    With online education becoming a new trend amid the coronavirus pandemic, its ability to become democratic and egalitarian in terms of its dissemination is highly debatable.

    Kerala’s Mass Movement for Democratising Virtual Learning and Bridging the ‘Digital...

    At a time when education is entirely halted for a majority of school students and a push for online education amid a lack of infrastructure asserts itself, Kerala is witnessing a historic mass movement for democratising virtual learning.

    The Resurgence of Ed-Tech Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic: Implications for an...

    With e-learning becoming the overarching norm amid the pandemic, here is a thorough look at its implications, challenges and dilemmas for our times.

    COVID-19 Lifts Veil Over Social Inequalities in Indian Education

    The COVID-19 crisis has brought forward unprecedented challenges for educational policy in India and deepened the ongoing debate on educational accessibility.
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    The Pathology of Online Education in a Hierarchical Society like India

    A steady internet connection, decent availability of space and parental support make online education a welcome proposition for the children of the elite, but what about the others?
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    Creative Pedagogy and Innovative Learning in Adverse Situations

    Innovative Pedagogy must be at the heart of education. How can this be made possible in the most adverse of situations that often characterize schools in India with little infrastructural support? Amidst these circumstances can a child-centric pedagogy really be designed and implemented to suit our own specific socio-cultural needs?

    Not Fragmented Individuals: Towards the Undivided Whole

    The goal of education is to help the individual integrate the inner and the outer, the self and the world; but today we experience a fragmentation that has given birth to conflict both in the world as well as within. A pedagogue engages with the root cause of this problem and pleads for a new journey.

    Writing for children: An Art and an Experiment

    Writing for children is an art that requires the adult mind to transcend the limitedness of imagination and enter the child’s innocent world. It is both an experiment and an art that requires much attention and a great deal of honesty.
    Zygmunt Bauman

    Who Really Was Zygmunt Bauman: A Realist or a Pessimist?

    Polish-British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman was an eminent social theorist who wrote on diverse issues ranging from modernity and the holocaust to consumerism in post-modern societies.

    On Solitude and the Grace of Simple Living

    As the Coronavirus compels us to withdraw from the outer world—its speed and market-driven pleasures, is it possible to realize the beauty of solitude? Is it possible to live with rhythmic simplicity? Is it possible to regain what in our hurried life we miss? Possibly, Henry David Thoreau’s experiment can teach us some important lessons.