Thursday, June 30, 2022
With a large number of children globally fascinated by Barbie dolls, its time to see if they offer anything towards offering a radially neutral and cosmopolitan perspective of the world?/ Image:Pixabay

Barbie doll that honors Ida B. Wells faces an uphill battle...

Will the new Barbie to honor Ida B. Wells – the famed 19th-century Black journalist and anti-lynching crusader become as popular as the fair and blonde headed Barbie?
Increasing obsession with building the physique often by consumption of steroids or excessive exercise may drench one both emotionally and spiritually/ Pixabay

Walking with Gandhi’s Ideas on the Development of the Mind, Body...

The article encourages us to rethink our fetish with the decoration and beautification of the body without paying attention to the growth of spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Looking at Gandhi's ideas on the same, the writer raises important questions.

Reimagining Early Childhood Education (ECE) in post-COVID India

The COVID-19 pandemic jolted the Indian education system effecting the learning trajectories of lakhs of Indian students, the piece urges us to rethink early childhood education in the post-pandemic world.

US schools are not racially integrated, despite decades of effort

Are American schools really tolerant of the diversity in its cultural fabric or does racism continue to divide and disrupt practices of quality?

Birth Anniversary Special/ In-depth Review: J. Krishnamurti: A Life of Compassion...

Here is a reflection on the delightful and informative read by historian Roshen Dalal delving into the life and ideas of the world teacher J. Krishnamurti.
Dr. Shailesh Shirali, Director Sahyadri School, Pune, India

J. Krishnamurti’s Birth Anniversary Special/ The New Leam in Conversation...

In an insightful conversation with The New Leam. Dr. Shailesh Shirali shares glimpses of his own engagement with the ideas of J.Krishnamurti and the philosophy behind the Sahyadri School.
school kids and textbooks

A Case Study of SCERT textbooks from Kerala: Decoding Meanings, Perceptions...

An analysis of textbooks and resource materials can open up many possibilities of understanding meaning, perception and implications on the minds of children.

Understanding How Gender Barriers Impact Subject Choices in School Education

The article tries to examine gender biases that impacts subject choices in school education impacting the lives of countless women in India and the world.

Edtech in Teacher Education: Panacea or Dystopian Possibility?

Technology oriented solutions have been introduced in teacher education during campus closure period since March 2020. This article explores notions of student-teachers on use of edtech in teaching particularly its impact on development of teacher agency.

The Tyranny of Coaching Centres

Is it the time to be aware of the devastating consequences of the exam-centric education—and that too heavily dictated by the mushrooming growth of coaching centres and ed-tech companies?