Sunday, September 27, 2020

    The Light of Awakening

    On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Here is a small note written by the editorial team. The aim is to invite the readers to the world of Sri Aurobindo—particularly, the insights with which he sought to change our perceptions of education.

    Probing the Feasibility of NEP’s Grand Promise of Fluid Boundaries and...

    The NEP promises greater multi-disciplinarity and fluidity, but how feasible are the claims?

    Reviving the ‘Missing Debate’ in the NEP 2020: Managerialism & its...

    This article aims to bring to light the missing debate around NEP, highlighting the malaise of managerialism and its impact on teachers and the practice of teaching.

    An Obsession with Graded Learning Damages the Learner’s Capacity to Reflect...

    A growing obsession with grades and certificates goes against the free-spirited eagerness to learn with interest and turns children into docile and disinterested consumers of knowledge.

    Reimagining the University Beyond the Tyranny of Numbers

    Can we imagine the university space beyond the hegemony of graded hierarchies, an obsession with degrees and qualifications to make it creative, holistic and enduring?
    online education in india

    Questions Around Accessibility, Marginality and Continuity in Online Teaching

    As online teaching becomes the new trend, the questions of accessibility and equality complicate the domain of learning.

    Parenting at the time of a Pandemic/Evolving as a Parent

    In this series on parenting at the time of a pandemic, here is yet another reflection that narrates a mother's deep engagement with her two children, their questions and anxieties, and their education. This is the story of transforming the mundane routine into an act of creativity.

    “Let us not underestimate the power of the human spirit”, says...

    Ms. Suman Kumar - Director, Bluebells School International/Delhi-is an outstanding educationist and teacher. In a conversation with Professor Avijit Pathak, she has narrated her intellectual trajectory, her deep engagement with the school, the new challenges the pandemic has posed, and the necessity of a nuanced pedagogic practice to sensitize young students at this moment of bewilderment when the taken-for-granted world seems to have crumbled.

    Parenting at the time of a Pandemic/ The Home and the...

    In this series on parenting at the time of a pandemic, Sharmistha Shree narrates the tales of her deep engagement with her two kids, and reminds us that it is important to nurture the spirit of positivity and empathy among our children. 

    Parenting at the time of a Pandemic/When Parents Grow Up With...

    The boredom of being confined indoors, an overpowering worry for the wellbeing of the family and a toppled work schedule may seem harrowing, but empathy and understanding are keys to great parenting.