Wednesday, January 20, 2021

    Finding Meaning Amid Empty Classrooms and Online Chatrooms

    Empty classrooms are a reality as the times call for a shift to the online mode, this redefines the very essence of an intimate, face to face student-teacher relationship.

    Teaching – a delightful vocation

    The vocation of teaching is an act of contentedness. A passionate pedagogue touches the soul of the learner and ignites the flame of knowledge. Here is the story of a creative teacher who discovers herself through her vocation each day.
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    Teachers Amid Changing Societal Perceptions and Why Virtual Classrooms Can’t Replace...

    Online teaching is becoming the new fad but it can possibly never match up to the vibrancy and effectiveness of the real classroom.

    Understanding School Ethos: A View from a Krishnamurti School

    Schools are spaces where we must understand ourselves and others as mutually interdependent & in relationship to one another and to the world we inhabit.

    Helping Create Justice, Equality, Peace and Environment Sustainability: The Key Role...

    Education lays the foundation for a society which is based on societal justice, equality and peace and one that prioritises environmental sustainability.

    The Pandemic and the Glimpses of Digital Divide from Rajasthan’s Barmer...

    No electricity for prolonged periods of time, sporadic internet connectivity and a lack of access to technological tools, the story of Barmer depicts the issues around the digital divide.

    The NEP Amid a Culture of Populist Politics and the Question...

    The growing political interest in the NEP 2020 is an interesting phenomenon that compels us to to identify populist trends and propagation of ideology through education.

    Issues of Accessibility and Resultant Discrepancies Amid Growing Trends of Digitalisation...

    The pandemic has deepened the divide between the affluent and the marginalised through the extensive use of digitalised classroom technologies.

    “A major learning for the post-COVID world should be the acknowledgement...

    Professor Kumkum Roy teaches at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Prof. Kumkum Roy has been working on issues related...

    An Educationist’s Reflections on the NEP 2020 and its Potential for...

    The goal of education is not only to develop cognitive capacities but also to develop social, ethical, and emotional capacities, how does the NEP fare in this role?