Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Ananya Pathak

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    Ananya Pathak is the Features Editor / The New Leam.

    Corporatisation of Agriculture Will Orphan the Indian Farmer in a Competitive Market, Not Expand His Choices

    Farmers have been agitating and protesting against the three Agricultural Bills recently passed in the Parliament. Here is a thorough look at the demands and concerns being raised.

    A Peak into the Lifeworld of Children & Understanding How They Make Sense of Life Amid the Pandemic

    This article tries to take a peak into the lifeworld of children amid the coronavirus pandemic and decode whats going on inside their minds.

    Maskne: Acne & Breakouts Due to Prolonged Usage of Masks Can be Treated, Here’s How

    While wearing masks may be mandatory, it is important to deal with skin problems or Maskne that may be caused due to sweating and friction inside it.

    Indian Women Face Major ‘Sanitary Pad Crisis’ as Country Battles the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Indian women are experiencing a major ‘sanitary pad crisis’ amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    LGBTQ RIGHTS/ When Will India’s Sexual Minorities Get the Dignity They Deserve?

    Despite having scrapped the draconian Article 377 and extended legal protection to members of the LGBTQ community, India still has a long way to go before it become a truly egalitarian and empowering force for the community and the sexual minorities begin to truly enjoy the perks of equal citizenship.

    Ananya Pathak

    42 POSTS
    Ananya Pathak is the Features Editor / The New Leam.


    The Need to Look Beyond the Guru-Shishya Paradigm: The Need of Our Times

    While embedded in Indian cultural history, the Guru-Shishya parampara needs to be rethought and critically examined today not to condemn or praise but to delve deep into its roots.

    Social Suffering and Social Justice: A Sociological Reflection

    The following piece highlights the aspects of social suffering and societal justice through the prism of sociological understanding.

    How Should We Read the National Education Policy 2020?

    The article looks at the National Education Policy 2020 with a critical perspective and raises some important questions around the promises it makes and the issues it leaves unresolved.

    A Film, a City and the Tales of Politico-ethical Turmoil

    Is Pratidwandi—a ‘political’ film directed by Satyajit Ray, and released in 1970—relevant today?

    Understanding School Ethos: A View from a Krishnamurti School

    Schools are spaces where we must understand ourselves and others as mutually interdependent & in relationship to one another and to the world we inhabit.