Friday, May 20, 2022

Thinking Beyond Hollow Conceptions of Teacher Performance

EDUCATION Will it be appropriate to rate teachers based on students’ performance alone or are there many nuanced factors that determine the way the child learns at school apart from the way the teacher delivers in class? Will critiquing the rating of teachers necessarily amount to allowing teachers to escape from being accountable to teaching?
Zygmunt Bauman

Who Really Was Zygmunt Bauman: A Realist or a Pessimist?

Polish-British sociologist Zygmunt Bauman was an eminent social theorist who wrote on diverse issues ranging from modernity and the holocaust to consumerism in post-modern societies.

Children learn science in nature play long before they get to...

The number of preschools pursuing learning through nature play is growing fast worldwide. However, the effectiveness and impacts of this approach is largely untested,...

Helping Create Justice, Equality, Peace and Environment Sustainability: The Key Role...

Education lays the foundation for a society which is based on societal justice, equality and peace and one that prioritises environmental sustainability.

COVID-19 Lifts Veil Over Social Inequalities in Indian Education

The COVID-19 crisis has brought forward unprecedented challenges for educational policy in India and deepened the ongoing debate on educational accessibility.

Understanding the Nuances of Children’s Play Amid the Pandemic

Confined and limited to the four walls of the household, adults have to play a constructive role in making life beautiful for children during the pandemic.

 No Shoes and Socks: The Bihar School Examination Board Looks at...

BOARD EXAMINATION Bihar Board Examinations are being conducted and from this year students are not allowed to wear shoes and socks inside the hall to decrease the possibility of cheating. Examinations generate anxiety and pressure and thus cheating cannot be contextualised in a void.

From Learning Happiness to Happiness While Learning: Reflections on the Happiness...

Government of NCT of Delhi has introduced the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ to make schools less stressful and much happier spaces for children through mindfulness, storytelling and self-expression. Can such a curriculum percolate to the lived realities of all these children?

On Fear and Freedom: The Irresistible Jiddu Krishnamurti

As we celebrate Jiddu Krishnamurti’s birth anniversary, it is important to engage with him—the way this wanderer (May 11,1895—February 17,1986) broke all sorts of defined paths, moved around the world, and sought to make us interrogate the banality of routinized existence

Lessons from Finland: Learning Differently

EDUCATION Finland’s education system gives us all a lesson into the essence of creative pedagogy, the significance of child-centric education and the revival of teaching as a vocation. For a nation like India confronted with large scale structural concerns, a few lessons from Finland will be fruitful.