Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Harshvardhan Tripathi

Harshvardhan Tripathi is a Doctoral Researcher at JNU, New Delhi.

Why is AAP Pushing the BJP-Shaheen Bagh Nexus Conspiracy?

AAP has been pushing the BJP-Shaheen Bagh nexus conspiracy in a move to win over a distinct vote bank, but isn’t it turning counterproductive?

Anti-CAA Protests and the Return of the Constitution 

Constitutional morality and the assertion of the constitutional ideal are our urgent needs in these difficult times, but are we ready for this quantum leap?

NRC Detention Centres or Modern-day Concentration Camps?

A nationwide NRC exercise may further entrench social inequality, communal conflict and exploitative gender relations in our country.

CCTV Surveillance in Delhi Government Schools is Turning Them into an Orwellian Nightmare

AAP government may have done a commendable job at uplifting the face of public schooling in Delhi but its decision to broadcast live CCTV footage from classrooms is a regressive move.

Growing Concern over Government’s Onslaught on RTI

Amendments to the RTI may pose a serious threat to the integrity of Indian democracy.

Harshvardhan Tripathi

Harshvardhan Tripathi is a Doctoral Researcher at JNU, New Delhi.


Three Lessons of Teaching

At a time when academic bureaucrats are obsessed with ‘ranking’ and ‘measurement’, a teacher speaks of what is immeasurable—the joy of teaching.

Good Morning, 2022!

Amid divisive politics, brutalization of human consciousness, technological violence, hollow spectacles and superficial education, the linear movement of the calendar time takes us to...

The New Leam celebrates its fifth year…Carrying the Lamp of Truth

At a time when gigantic corporate  media houses shape our ways of seeing the world, it is not easy to remain committed to a...

The Sickness of MCQ Pattern of Exams

Is it the time to be aware of the danger implicit in the popularization of the MCQ pattern of standardized tests and examinations? 

COVID-19 Awareness:Looking Towards a Localised Communication Strategy for Rural India

The article looks at the need for developing a localised communication strategy targeted towards rural India.