Monday, September 28, 2020

    Anmol Mongia

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    Anmol Mongia is The New Leam Staff Writer.

    NGOs and Civil Society Bodies Raise an Eyebrow Over FCRA’s Introduction of Stringent Rules and Regulations on Funding

    The BJP recently government introduced new rules to regulate foreign funding of civil society activities. NGOs say it is set to drastically change the social service ecosystem of the country.

    Thailand’s Pro-Democracy Protests and a New Wave of Political Churning

    An unprecedented wave of protests is shaking up the nation, as people come to the streets for democracy, here is a look at Thailand’s protests.

    Diversity or Uniformity: Anti-Hindi Conflict Simmers in Tamil Nadu

    Linguistically uniform or linguistically diverse, the Indian educational landscape has been facing this dilemma from the time of independence.

    Umar Khalid’s Arrest in Connection With Delhi riots And Anti-CAA Protests

    Umar Khalid has been arrested in connection to the Delhi riots case that broke out in parts of north-east Delhi in February this year.

    The Case Against Rhea Chakraborty: A Cocktail of Toxic Patriarchy, Drug Abuse and Mental Illness

    The Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case has been reduced into a toxic media trial of Rhea Chakraborty, but can we talk of the pertinent questions outside the rhetoric?

    Anmol Mongia

    7 POSTS
    Anmol Mongia is The New Leam Staff Writer.


    The Need to Look Beyond the Guru-Shishya Paradigm: The Need of Our Times

    While embedded in Indian cultural history, the Guru-Shishya parampara needs to be rethought and critically examined today not to condemn or praise but to delve deep into its roots.

    Social Suffering and Social Justice: A Sociological Reflection

    The following piece highlights the aspects of social suffering and societal justice through the prism of sociological understanding.

    How Should We Read the National Education Policy 2020?

    The article looks at the National Education Policy 2020 with a critical perspective and raises some important questions around the promises it makes and the issues it leaves unresolved.

    A Film, a City and the Tales of Politico-ethical Turmoil

    Is Pratidwandi—a ‘political’ film directed by Satyajit Ray, and released in 1970—relevant today?

    Understanding School Ethos: A View from a Krishnamurti School

    Schools are spaces where we must understand ourselves and others as mutually interdependent & in relationship to one another and to the world we inhabit.