Friday, April 23, 2021

    An Analysis of NCF 2005 From the Caste Perspective

    The NCF 2005 is a pan Indian educational policy but its impact on different sections of the population is diverse, the article analyses the policy from the perspective of Dalits.

    Bhagat Singh’s version of nationalism and what it may mean for...

    As we commemorate Bhagat Singh's 90th death anniversary, here is a close look at the ideas and vision that the man stood for.

    In-depth Review: J. Krishnamurti: A Life of Compassion beyond Boundaries

    Here is a reflection on the delightful and informative read by historian Roshen Dalal delving into the life and ideas of the world teacher J. Krishnamurti.

    The Intermeshing Histories of a Nation and a School

    In his latest book, 'The Modern School (1920-2020)' historian Rakesh Batabyal takes us on an engaging historical journey where we find the pasts of a nation and a school meshing beautifully into one another.

    Can There be Universities Where Only Robots Teach?

    The recent unfolding of administrative action against faculty members in campuses like Visva Bharati compel us to ask if we are moving towards increased mechanisation of the vocation of teaching.

    Why Inner Blooming and Not Alienated Knowledge Transaction is the Goal...

    J. Krishnamurti’s educational ideas are premised on the goal of inner blooming rather than a mechanical process of knowledge acquisition.

    Budget 2021: Is the Education Sector Even a Priority?

    The article is a commentary on the government’s continued apathy towards the education sector in the post pandemic world, the subsequent budget cut, and the impact of privatisation on the sector.

    Education on a Slippery Slope

    Urgent corrective measures are required to counter the Covid-19 induced educational deprivation for millions of poor children.

    Challenging the Notion of Confined Classrooms: Thinking of Education beyond Textbooks

    The schooled mind may tend to lose its spontaneity and sense of wonder making learning an extremely alienating process. If creative methods are used and innovative ideas implemented learning can become a celebration beyond boundaries.

    Maria Montessori challenged and changed how kids are taught, and remains...

    One hundred and fifty years after Maria Montessori’s birth, tens of thousands of teachers around the world still hail her innovations and educational philosophy. One...