Friday, May 20, 2022
Dr. Shailesh Shirali, Director Sahyadri School, Pune, India

J. Krishnamurti’s Birth Anniversary Special/ The New Leam in Conversation...

In an insightful conversation with The New Leam. Dr. Shailesh Shirali shares glimpses of his own engagement with the ideas of J.Krishnamurti and the philosophy behind the Sahyadri School.
school kids and textbooks

A Case Study of SCERT textbooks from Kerala: Decoding Meanings, Perceptions...

An analysis of textbooks and resource materials can open up many possibilities of understanding meaning, perception and implications on the minds of children.

Understanding How Gender Barriers Impact Subject Choices in School Education

The article tries to examine gender biases that impacts subject choices in school education impacting the lives of countless women in India and the world.

Edtech in Teacher Education: Panacea or Dystopian Possibility?

Technology oriented solutions have been introduced in teacher education during campus closure period since March 2020. This article explores notions of student-teachers on use of edtech in teaching particularly its impact on development of teacher agency.

The Tyranny of Coaching Centres

Is it the time to be aware of the devastating consequences of the exam-centric education—and that too heavily dictated by the mushrooming growth of coaching centres and ed-tech companies?  

The Impact of Bell Hooks : Education as the Practice of...

The New Leam believes that here in our country students and teachers ought to engage with Bell Hooks—a great professor and pedagogue who could...

Facilitating Dialogue through the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’

Can the 'Theatre of the Oppressed' be utilised as a tool in the classroom? This article explores this interesting proposition in pedagogy

9 in 10 LGBTQ+ students say they hear homophobic language at...

A majority of students from the LGBTQ community face bullying, teasing and assault on a day to day basis in their learning communities, how should this be handled?
Tapping the rich and profound lyrics of music

Exploring the Dialogic Possibilities of a Music Classroom

The article explores the usage of music as a possibility for generating dialogue in our classrooms.
Children enjoying themselves while playing in the rain in India.

6 actions school systems can take to support children’s outdoor learning

The growing interest in outdoor learning over the past years is promising. But what can we do to encourage it in our schools?